Monday 6 February 2017

Memos, Mail and Me

 Today I have good news, and I have bad news.  There's been plenty of post here this week for me to join in with Sian's Memo's Mail and Me.  So that's the good news

and the bad news?

Someone reversed into the side of my car. 

Three dents and a scratch of paintwork gone.  Which is horrible.  But the worse thing is, it was done by a friend of my husband.  So while I want to weep and wail and scream about the injustice of it all, I know he feels bad and I know it was an accident.  But even so.  HE'S CRASHED INTO MY CAR. 😢  While my husband was a passenger in the back seat.  There's irony for you.   And whilst I know that I wasn't in the car at the time, it was parked, so no one was hurt and whilst he admitted total liability for it, I wasted the best part of the morning of my day off dealing with insurance companies, repair companies and rental car companies, phone calls, on line documents, printing things off - through no fault of my own.  And I have the inconvenience of having to have a hire car and wait in for that to be delivered and my car taken away.  All because someone took no notice of the reverse beeping alarm going off as he got ever closer to my lovely, not even one year old yet, Mini. 

And I looked in Julie's book for wise words and  to see if she had something appropriate to say.  Of course she did.

Wine, that's what I needed.  Well said, Julie. I knew I could rely on you.

But Mr Postman knew I needed something pretty to look at, and look what else arrived

A Boden catalogue

I do like to look at the catalogue and whilst I have a few Boden bits in my wardrobe, I've never paid full price for them!  My neighbour has Boden parties from time to time and it's nearly always at least 30% off and with a free gift so I look and make notes and then hope what I like is still in stock by the time of her party.

Another pretty thing arrived too 

Pink glittery heart stickers to go on the back of wedding invitation envelopes

Now that is enough to make anyone with a slightly bashed up Mini smile again isn't it!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh poor you, dealing with insurance companies is never for the faint of heart. Poor car, just parked, doing nothing, well it seems it will need time to recover so enjoy your rental just a tiny bit. Pink glitter hearts! Oh that can make up for almost anything. Happy week ahead & a quick return of your mini

Ruth said...

So sorry to hear about your car, but glad you weren't in at the time! Your husband's friend must feel terrible.
Hearts and wedding invitations? Marvellous!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I feel your pain, having spent (what feels like) most of January chasing the insurance company, while they decided whether or not my poor little car was a total loss. That's a write off to you and me. Hearts and glitter, what's not to like?

Sian said...

I'm wincing! He backed into your car!! (Might not make you feel any better but remind me some day to tell you about my friend who reversed over another friend's cat. It didn't end well). Ouch!

I hope the glittery hearts and of course the right words from Julie help to get the week off to a slightly better start. Thought about your hat yet?

Julie Kirk said...

Did you leap straight to the 11o'clock solution? (The ' just give me the bottle' point?!). That's the 2nd time I've thought of offering Snipped Tales on prescription this week ... you might have something there!

As for the car I can relate! I think I'd either just passed my test or hadn't passed yet ... when someone drove (albeit slowly) into the side of our car ... while I was parked. Lie - how did she not see the big metal thing right next to her???

I hope the admin is now out of the way and you'll have your car back soon. x

alexa said...

Arrggh! What a horrible thing to happen :(. No wonder your stress levels were high - did the vino help? I'm partial to the odd bit of Boden too - off to google in a minute. Hoping you find something nice to soothe the trauma of the week.

Sandra said...

Oh let me cry with you. I'd be the same if someone hit my mini xx

Cheri said...

Sorry about your poor little car Deb. :( But so glad you weren't in it and that you were able to find the appropriate words of comfort. We're still dealing with insurance from an accident my daughter was in last June. Never fun.

Susanne said...

So glad no one was hurt, but I know that feeling when your nearly new car is not nearly so new anymore. My latest car was rear-ended twice in the first 2 years I had it. And the trouble and inconvenience is just one headache after another isn't it. I hope you get it back soon and it is as good as new.