Monday 27 March 2017

Memos, Mail and Me

Very special mail for me to share today as part of Sian's Memos, mail and me

Leo made me a card!

I think he may have had a little bit of help from his mummy!  What a lovely idea though.  It also explains why his feet were a little bit red when he took his socks off the other day after he'd been to 'Discovery Tots'.
Those little feet learnt how to stand up for themselves this weekend.

Watching Granddad mow the lawn.  He was totally engrossed, then Coco came bounding across the grass to the patio and stared at him, eye to eye, through the window and the shock made him sit down.  Won't be long until he's out there 'helping' ...

Some more artistic mail arrived through the post this morning

My first 'Liberate Your Art' postcard arrived 

I love receiving post like this, to think how many miles it has travelled to get to me, and to connect with people that I would never
meet in any other way.  This card started life in Chicago, which made me smile as that is where my penfriend who I have been writing to for almost 50 years originally came from, and it's the city in which my future daughter in law's father grew up.  Seems like me and Chicago are destined to be together!
Better finish this post off now, it's much later than I normally post my Monday memo, but my husband and I had some important shopping to do first thing this morning.  Important wedding shopping.  The Father of the Bride suit has been bought.  Now if only the Mother of the Bride could get her act together ...


helena said...

adorable card and love the photo of him standing at the window. have a great week

Jane said...

what a lovely idea, a card to treasure.

Sian said...

Oh, that's just perfect! And he's up on his feet too? Wow: time flies..

Your second piece of post is a great one too. I can't wait to see what other cards you get :)

Suit shopping: TNNSO took her new boyfriend formal suit shopping at the weekend. Are all men like that when you ask them to try something on? she wanted to know..

Have a good week!

Sandra said...

I can almost envisage the face to face meeting, which landed him on his bottom lol .... certainly a card to be kept forever xx

Patio Postcards said...

Oh what fun the postcards are. Oh the photo that might have been - face to face. I know it won't be long before the little man will be running about, but let's not think about that right now, let's enjoy these moments. :)

Happy week ahead.

Ruth said...

What a super sweet card from your wee boy; it's a keeper! Looking forward to seeing what other postcards you receive (I've been a bit slack on sending out Happy Mail so far this year).