Monday 8 May 2017

Memos, mail and me

We lead a very glamorous life over here in Deb's World.  I mean, how many other people can join in with Sian's Memos, Mail and Me posts by recording two bags of diamonds being delivered?  Oh yes, diamonds, dozens of them.  Real ones?  Sadly not but hopefully they'll look pretty scattered on the wedding tables.

Talking of wedding tables, I'm now up to 60 paper flowers - the end is in sight!

I've now resorted to making them while watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy from a DVD box set season 12.  I can make 3 per episode so only 5 more episodes to go!

A few other purchases have made their way into the house this week too.  Only three weeks until our holiday and I thought it was time I reviewed my summer clothes.  Some of those dresses have been in the wardrobe for far too long and are looking slightly dated and 'well worn'.  So I've been through everything, donated a fair few things to a charity shop and replaced a couple of bits.  It feels like you can date my clothes by their colours, I seem to have favourite colours each year, do you do that? I've just removed several pieces from my 'mauve' years, and I think that the next ones to go will be from the 'blue' stage!  So I am trying hard to buy things unlike anything else in my wardrobe for a bit of variety.

A new stage in our life is starting this week - the interim 'looking after Leo stage'.  R's maternity leave is coming to an end this month and she definitely didn't want to go back to commuting into London every day.  So she gave her CV to a company who got her the last local job she had and was sent the following day for an interview for a part time local PA job - and was offered it there and then.  Too good to be true, a reasonable salary, flexible hours, some working from home and 10 mins drive max to the office.  Only he needed someone to start now, and she hadn't got childcare set up, thinking she had time to arrange.

So for the next three weeks we are going to be doing a bit extra babysitting while she gets her childminder in place and negotiates the working from home day.  It's going to be different and I'm sure it's going to be tiring because he's a little bundle of mischief.  

So by the time you are reading this, I'll probably be on my hands and knees chasing him around the lounge and trying to keep him out of trouble - Wish me luck! 


Patio Postcards said...

Your paper roses are beautiful & what a decorative idea to scatter diamonds about the table. I do have a favourite wardrobe colour staple - it's pink, it's black. Congrats to your daughter landing the perfect for now job. Locally, as people move into the new homes in our village, they then realize there isn't any childcare or daycare centres close to home, so they are scrambling & end up taking their children closer to where they work which is usually in the city (not Toronto) which is about an hour away. I feel for the babies & toddlers having to get up so early.

Happy week ahead, fingers crossed for nap times that are long (col)

Sian said...

Golly, you have lots going on at the minute! That's great news about the job and I'm sure Leo will love being able to pop round to yours while he gets used to mum being at work. I've been clearing out my wardrobe here too and finding colours I used to wear. I don't know whether it's a good thing or not that I discovered quite a lot of what I had is fit for the bin!

Cheering you on with the rest of the flowers!

Cheri said...

ooohhhhh shiny things! Best of the luck with the babysitting gig - my guess is you'll be tired but you'll love it anyway!

Ruth said...

Goodness you are busy right now, but with such lovely things, so I'm thinking you don't mind too much!

Alison said...

Well done on those flowers! sure you'll love having Leo to yourself for a while..I saw his pic on FB and he doesn't look like a bundle of fun! Xx

alexa said...

I loved your statistic about the rose production! They are so delicate ... golly, your life just seems to have got a whole lot busier! Wishing you energy for the task!

My Little World said...

Those flowers are so pretty and the colour is lovely.