Monday 13 December 2021

Me on Monday

 Monday finds me a little tired but glowing with happy memories of a lovely day yesterday.

It was Paul's birthday - 64 (do the words in that Beatles song feel appropriate?!) and we celebrated by having all the family here for the day.  It felt like the Christmas we didn't get to have last year and we made the most of every minute of it.

 Six adults, four children and two dogs, and nearly all of us looking in the right direction (Daisy didn't seem to understand what was going on!)

It was so lovely to have them all together and wonderful to see the cousins having fun together.  Max finds Leo hilarious, and Leo enjoys acting up to his audience - there were lots of giggles.  Moments like that make us realise how much we lost last year and I won't mention the controversy about the stories that are making headline news over here at the moment.  

We actually have a 'quiet' week planned this week.  All social events that we planned this year have now taken place; after last year's experience we decided to celebrate early just in case restrictions came in and I'm so pleased that we got to do everything, and see everyone, that we wanted to.  

Today I plan to pop into town to pick up something that I had ordered in from one of the shops and take a wreath to lay on my parent's grave - how can it possibly now be 24 years since my mum died?  When I look at that photo above I can definitely see how I am resembling her more and more as the years go by.  She absolutely loved having her family around her and I can see that contentment in my expression yesterday too.  

After that it must surely be time to make a batch of sausage rolls for the freezer, take Coco to the groomers for her pre-Christmas spa day and hair cut, and possibly sit down with a cup of coffee and a bit of leftover birthday cake while I finish writing the cards that I need to hand deliver to friends who live nearby.  Sounds like a good plan eh?

Have a good week!   


Ruth said...

What a utterly gorgeous family photo! Happy belated birthday to Paul. :)
I think you've been very wise in having all get togethers early ... things feel uncertain. don't they.

I'm furious with HMG and their shenanigans - how dare they!

alexa said...

How wonderful to have your family all around you, and to be able to enjoy a get-together early (just in case). You all look so happy together :). I smiled at your comments about becoming like your Mum - I see a growing resemblance between me and mine too. My father used to quote, tongue-in-cheek, Oscar Wilde: "“All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That is his.” But I like the feeling of inhabiting something of my Mum's space - feels like a tribute to her :). Hoping your day of remembering your Mum has happy moments in it, as well as the sad ones.

Patio Postcards said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to Paul. Such a wonderful photo captured at the party. Yes he'll still be needed by this gang! Hang on to those lovely moments, I have a feeling the entire world is going to slow or halt, again, with COVID wild abandonment of infection.

Susanne said...

Looks like a great day, what a lovely family you have.

I am not up on the current controversy over there, but we over here can usually outdo you in the way of crazy, so count your blessings. ;-)