Monday 26 February 2024

Me on Monday 26 February

 It's all back to normal this week with half term being over and childcare back to its usual (shorter!) hours.

So tell me, did you start today with breakfast cereal?  I ask because today's historical info is that this is the day in 1852 that John Harvey Kellogg was born.  Little did they know how his humble cornflake would change the breakfasts of so many generations! My cereal of choice this morning was a bowl of his company's Fruit'n Fibre, with a generous helping of sliced banana on the top.  

Was last week good for you?  I started mine with meeting up with my friend which was lovely.  Then a whole day of Leo and Rosie where we enjoyed making things with some air dry clay and they then had great fun constructing a den out of four dining chairs, every cushion we possess and all my crochet blankets.  It kept them quiet for ages 😀

I managed to get a bit of crochet done this week while binge watching One Day on Netflix.  I had already read the book so was prepared for how it ended, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We finally sat down and browsed the Airbnb site to find somewhere to go in this country with Coco in May, so if anyone reading this knows the Whitstable area in Kent, let me know any places we should visit while we are there!  

So how is this week looking?  Well later today we are planning a trip to a gallery near us where Paul's art teacher has a painting in an exhibition.  Then not too many plans for the rest of the week other than meeting up with some people I used to work with for lunch on Thursday.  I will have done my Zumba class earlier in the morning so won't feel guilty if I succumb to a dessert!

February seems to have gone in a flash and March is just around the corner now - spring is on its way! Have a good week x


Patio Postcards said...

Sounds like a good week with the grands last week. I'm not familiar with One Day. We do get the advertisements for what's coming up on Netflix even when we don't stream that service. There are several series that look so interesting. Your week away in the country sounds like a fun jaunt to be planning for - Coco will appreciate being included. Happy Week.

Ruth said...

I did indeed have Kellogg's cornflakes for my breakfast. :) Re One Day, I'm in the minority who read the book years ago and didn't like it ...

I haven't been to Whitstable in years - the only suggestion I can make is Canterbury.

Barbara Eads said...

Special K is my favorite Kellogg's cereal--with banana, of course! I've had One Day on my list. Glad to know it was good. I've picked up my stitching again, so I have an excuse to watch.