Monday 15 June 2009

June crop

OK, I'm going to put my hands up and admit that I wasn't too impressed when I saw the first layout that we were shown at the Crafty Stash crop yesterday. For a start, the photos I had taken were of my children, who at the ages of 22 and 19 probably wouldn't have been impressed at having their faces added to animated mermaids and mermen! But in the interests of learning something new, we stuck with it. It was good to learn the mechanics of making an interactive page, something I had never done before and quite an achievement to find that when I finally put it all together and pulled the tab, the merpeople did move from side to side. When I got home I found some pictures of my nephew's lovely children and they were perfect to finish the page. See the little fish at the bottom of the page? When you pull them, the merpeople move (you'll have to trust me on this one!)

The second layout was far more appropriate for the picture I had taken. On Saturday we went up to Sheffield to bring our son back from the end of his first year at uni. I took a photo of him with his sister outside his block of flats and the colours were perfect for the papers that we had been given.

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