Thursday 15 July 2010

Worried? Of course I wasn't worried

It has been 5 days now since I last heard from my son and I was starting to feel a bit twitchy about where he was and how he was doing. I've had to stop myself from picking up my phone to text and check up on him. I don't want him to be the only one whose mum is texting him (oh the shame) but I did want to know he was ok. I had mentally told myself if I hadn't heard by tomorrow I would send a bright and breezy message and keep my fingers crossed that a reply would come back. But when I logged onto Facebook this afternoon, I saw that his status had been updated to say he is now in Krakow. Phew. I can relax again and he needn't know that his mum was fretting about him back at home. I look as though I'm laid back about him being gone and he doesn't look as if he has to keep contacting home. All street cred intact.
I think you are going to have to excuse my use of photo when I get round to doing today's layout. My pictures taken in the garden weren't brilliant, but I do have a picture that I have been dying to use in a page and it kind of fits the bill. I'm still in the 'playing around with papers' stage so not ready to reveal all yet!
Today at work has been manic, with a week and a day left of this academic year, we are now trying to fit the next 6 weeks of work into the days we have left. Crazy times, but when I walk out that door on the 23rd and know that I won't be walking back through it until Sept 7th, it will all be worth it!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh Deb,
I feel your pain. DD Clara is visiting with my brothers & sisters for two weeks, and I miss her soooo much! We text/talk several times a day (she's only 12 after all), but I can see already how how this "letting go" thing is going to me!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Well done you for resisting the urge!!! Good luck with the 'cramming' will all be worth it for a free summer!!!

Amy said...

Your secret is safe with us Deb - you are still the 'cool' Mum! I know that I'm going to have 'issues' in a few years :-)

humel said...

Well done you, being so 'cool and laid back' - at least as far as your son is concerned! I'm not looking forward to the whole 'letting go' thing :-(