Saturday 16 April 2011

Weekend fun

Whilst we obviously miss our daughter living at home, there have been a few unexpected bonuses!  She works in town here, but it's a good 40 minute walk into town or a nearly £8 a day parking fee so she would usually ask us for a lift into work on a Saturday which meant that although we had no reason to be up bright and early at the weekend, she still had to be in work by 10 to 9 and we therefore had to be up too.  It was such a luxury to wake up this morning, no alarm clock, and see that it was 8.38am - bliss! 
We're going over for dinner tonight at my sister and brother in law's home.  In June they are going to the same hotel that we stayed in Sorrento last year, so we are going to give them some ideas of places to go and things to do.  They are going to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!  And I thought 30 years sounded a long time when we were celebrating last September.  My sister is eight years older than me and I can remember being a bit of a moody teenager when I was her chief bridesmaid! 
So, there's a few facts and figures in this post, which leads me nicely to this:
Mel's blog hop starts 2pm {please be kind to me, Blogger, and let my scheduled post go live at the right time} and I'm sure it's going to be fun so please pop back again tomorrow!


alexa said...

Hoping you enjoy the celebrations, and get as many lie-ins as you need. ;)

Alison said...

Glad you enjoyed your lie-in!
Alison xx

humel said...

Yay! So looking forward to your post :-)

And yay for lie-ins, too - when I woke this morning I discovered it was nearly HALF PAST NINE!!! Which was a wonderful start to our Easter holiday :-)

Helen Overton said...

The blog hop sounds intrigueing, I look forward to it :)

Amy said...

See you later tonight/tomorrow ... so, you are one of the numbers then? ;-)

Rachel Brett said...

Ooh what a lovely lie-in, I will pop back tomorrow ;)