Monday 25 July 2011


The date of my holiday is drawing closer and I'm at the stage of putting clothes onto the spare bed so they are unworn and ready to be packed.  Magazines and tv programmes are telling us all about the 'capsule wardrobe' that we should aim for when packing for holidays but I know for me, it just won't work.  Even at my exercise class last week the instructor gave us a pep-talk about holidays and packing was mentioned.  'Three pairs of shoes should suffice.  Flip flops, comfortable shoes to walk in and a pair of evening sandals.'  Three?  Only three?  I don't think so.  Some of my evening clothes need high heels and some need flats.  Some need fancy shoes and some need plain.  Some need white, some need coloured {you see where this is going don't you?}
'Take one pair of trousers that you can team up with several different tops.'  Well we all know what would happen if I took that advice.  First night out I would spill red wine down said trousers and drip chocolate sauce on them and that would mean that I couldn't wear them again. 
So the pile of clothes is growing (not to mention the amount of shoes) and I suspect I may have to be ruthless nearer the time.  Last year I bought a new dress at the beginning of summer and put it away ready for my holiday.  I found it at the beginning of this summer.  Still with labels intact and never been worn.  It had slipped off the hanger and fallen onto the shelf below where it had been hidden.  It was the first thing that made it into the spare room this year! 
Still the fact that I've started putting things away make it feel like it is getting closer, now if only I can convince the husband that he needs only a capsule wardrobe, then there will be more room in the suitcase for my things ;-)


Cheri said...

I've packed all those options before and found I never needed them. Besides, if you UNDER pack and really need something, it gives you a valid excuse to go shopping!

scrappyjacky said...

Totally agree with,Cheri!!

Denise said...

in THE suitcase - surely you take one each??? I actually took three pairs this year and it's all the bloomin shampoos and bottles of stuff that weigh so much! x x

Scrappi Sandi said...

I amazed myself packing this year...came in well under the meagre 15kg allowance & even still, brought back some things unworn!! I use exactly the same process & have a hanging rail in the spare room...enjoy that excitement as your departure date draws closer!!

Alison said...

I HATE working out what to pack when I'm going away.....and the shoes are the main problem-I'm with you there!
Alison xx

Sian said...

At least it sounds as if you do wear and enjoy what you take with you I pack it all up and then end up wearing about two things all week!

Have a wonderful trip