Monday 6 August 2012

Back in the saddle

The scrapbooking saddle that is, nothing to do with horseriding/cycling/anything vaguely sporting!  Although speaking of sporting - isn't it amazing how often we are hearing the National Anthem as our sportsmen and women go onto the medals podium?  I'm not normally 'into' the Olympics but this year I've been hooked.  Maybe because we are the host nation, or maybe because a few of the venues are close to where I live.  Either way, I'm supremely proud of Team GB and so happy that their years of dedication to their sports is finally paying off. 
I digress.  On Saturday it was the monthly Eclectic Keepsakes crop, and I finally got round to doing some cutting and sticking after weeks of inactivity.  Looking at the photo on the EK blog it would appear that I am a stand-up scrapper, and I'm not quite sure what is going on at the opposite side of the table but I can clearly see someone with both hands in the air in an 'I surrender' pose!  Important first things first, I am happy to report that the Key Lime Cupcakes were delicious.  So, onto the scrappy business.   I signed up for the 28 Days of Sketches (round 2) class over at Big Picture Classes. and have been receiving a sketch on a daily basis for the last 18 days.  How many sketches have made it into actual layouts in those 18 days?  None.  So there was no problem in wondering what I was going to be doing for the first half of the day where we are left to our own devices.

 Two down, sixteen to go!  But yesterday's was a fab one and very different so I may have to put numbers 3 to 17 on hold and dive straight into number 18 because I'm itching to have a go at it!  {Talking of itchy fingers, can you see Sandie from Ithcifingers Blog in the EK blog photo?  She's in the white t shirt at the front!}
So after we'd all had a good gossip, caught up on all the news, shuffled cardstock and paper about and got covered in glue, eaten our lunch, drunk lots of tea, and wiped cupcake crumbs from our lips it was time to get down to the class that Karen had designed.
She's a talented lady isn't she?  I love the colours on the papers (7 Gypsies Trousseau which can be found here)  and well, just about everything about it!
So there you go.  Looking for layouts on my blog is a bit like the English proverb about waiting for a bus.  You wait for ages and then three come along at once!


Denise said...

It really was a lovely day wasn't it? So glad to see you back in the swing of a bit of cuttin' and stickin' x x x

Amy said...

Ahh, but they are worth the wait!
Lovely pages Deb - I feel as though I have been a bit the same lately.

scrappyjacky said...

Great pages, the title in the last one.

Elizabeth said...

I don't think we scrappers ever give up on it--we always return to scrapping because we love it. The layouts are really beautiful.

Alison said...

But three worth waiting for Deb..I seem to have lost the plot a bit with my scrapping at the moment!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely that you could make it.
Lovely lay outs.
Lovely time spent chatting and scrapping x

alexa said...

I love the patchwork effect! Glad you've had such a productive day. :)