Thursday 30 August 2012

Lost in Translation

Since Coco arrived here we've discovered that there are some words that you can't say out loud as they are interpreted by her in her own way.  We have taken to spelling some words out "I'm going to W.A.L.K to the shops, does anyone want anything?" So here is my translation guide:

How Coco understands various words:
Right = used at the beginning of a sentance means, 'Right, I've done the ironing, I'll just take Coco out for a walk'
Walk = 30 mins of uninterrupted running on grass across the cricket field, around the play fields and around the lake
Lead = I'm going on a walk
Out = I'm going out for a walk
Take = Someone's going to take me out for a walk
Whiz = A quick run around the garden in the dark for a last 'comfort break' before bedtime
Spit it out = chew whatever is in mouth and swallow - quickly
Come here - NOW! = Run around in circles like a mad thing until the humans go dizzy and give up the chase
Bed = Lovely soft places upstairs where I can cuddle up to the humans
Fake tan = something tasty to lick off her mummy's legs
Car = Get my harness out, I'm going out for a drive

Words/sentances Coco does not chooses not to understand:
Right (does not always precede the words 'I'll just take Coco out')
Get out of the flower bed
What are you eating?
Is that a snail in your mouth?
Spit it out
Come here - NOW!
Your bed is in the kitchen
Come downstairs
I'm just going out, I'll be back in an hour
I've just put fake tan on my legs, stay away from me until it dries

Poor old Cocopops has developed kennel cough and is feeling a bit sorry for herself.  On antibiotics for 5 days and can't go on energetic walks (try telling her that!).  But the good news for her is that the tablets have to be disguised in food and the best way to do that is in a lump of cheese.  Coco loves her cheese!  Every cloud really does have its silver lining!


humel said...

Amazing. So much of that second list also applies to The Tomboy.... ;)

Hope she's all better soon, and that she enjoys all that cheese!

Shonie said...

This made me laugh so much!! I have three pups just like Coco. The word walk must never be uttered unless you want total pandemonium! Thanks for a laugh today!

scrappyjacky said...

Our 2 get taken for a run in the woods on Sundays....from the moment OH gets up they are whimpering and howling and leaping about....just how do they know it's Sunday???
Hope Coco is soon better.
And in response to much of that second list also applies to DD2...though she has grown out of eating worms now!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL at your post and even more so at the comments!!!
Gypsy has a bit of a problem eating things she's not supposed to and (sadly) does understand that when I am leaving and say "stay," it means she doesn't get to come along.

Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL!! We once had a Golden Retriever who was had to be careful what you thought around her!!! Hope Coco's cough is soon cleared up so she can get back to her W.A.L.K.S. :D

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Haha - you are so clever, Deb! Coco has the vocabulary of most 2-year old toddlers. ;o)

alexa said...

A very witty post - and yes, what Deb @Paper Turtle said!

Anonymous said...

As you know I love all Coco posts but this one in particular. There seems to be a lot of kennel cough about at the moment.

Amy said...

Hey, it's looking a bit snazzy over here!
Our girl understands what clothing we wear affects her - true ... quite amazing really.

Jennifer Grace said...

ha ha! Made me laugh do much I had to read to hubby, he says a lot of it applies to our baby boy too, especially 'no' and 'spit it out'! X

Alison said...

Are you SURE you haven't met Boo?! Hope Coco is on the mend
Alison xx