Tuesday 23 April 2013

And then there were three (and a dog)

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So the intrepid explorers returned triumphant after their 3 Peaks Challenge. All proudly clutching their certificates of achievement and all remarkably unscathed. Photographs show magnificent views, proud climbers at the top of each peak and relieved faces enjoying a well earned pint at the pub conveniently situated at the end! They had an amazing time. The weather was perfect, dry, bright and with a gentle breeze, although at the top of the first peak they were still climbing through snow!
Peak One
Any Harry Potter fans out there recognise this bridge?
Phew, it's over.  Thirsty work all this mountaineering!
Responses to having done it varied from muttering about trying Kilimanjaro now (J), signing up for Race for Life next month (R) and "it was great, but I'm too old to do anything like that again (P). 55 year old knees complain more than 23 and 26 year old ones!
So today J has gone back to Edinburgh and we are back to being 3 again.  I'm not sure who's sulking the most, me or the dog. 



Maria Ontiveros said...

Congratulations to your group!
I must get a move on about this reader thing, too!

Miriam said...

Congratulation to your three. I love the picture of the viaduct.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to them - that is quite a feat! I've been trying out Bloglovin but this week decided to try Feedly and I think I'm liking it better.

Unknown said...

Now that's an achievement, so glad the weather held for them. I feel a commemorative LO coming on!! :D

alexa said...

Well done on such a superb achievement and it's good to quit while one is still ahead :). Hoping the sulks will lift ...

Denise said...

Well done them,amazing!What a good job the weather was kind to them x

Alison said...

Well done to them all...hope Coco is getting over the sulks...have to say I'm missing Boo!
Alison xx
P.S...one of the 'robot' words is 'dog-watch'!!