Monday 9 November 2015

Me on Monday

Hello!  How quickly these Mondays are rolling around!  It seems like only yesterday I was giving up a wave to Sian and yet here we are again. 

It was a wet and soggy weekend around these parts but what better excuse to give my new boots an outing on Saturday? These were what some may call an impulse buy or as I like to think of it, a perfect example of not realising how much you need a new pair of boots until they call to you from across the road.  You see, last Wednesday I'd popped into town to buy some white thread and a zip.  As I came out of the shop I looked across the road and saw a new display in a small independent clothes shop.  Now, I do like to support local shops so I went over for a proper look and noticed that they were also selling a few styles of shoes and boots.  One pair in particular caught my eye ... I went inside ... the pair on the display was a size 4 ... which is my size ... I tried them on ... they fitted perfectly.  It was clearly the universe telling me that these boots were meant to be mine.  With a quick swipe of a credit card, they were mine!

I'd bought my first ever copy of The Simple Things and there was a recipe for Danish Dream Cake.  So once I'd come home from taking my new boots on their first jaunt into town, I got baking.  It's like a very soft vanilla sponge on the bottom with a coconut flapjack type of topping.  It's getting the thumbs up around here!

Then of course it was Remembrance Sunday for a time of quiet reflection.  Grandma here for lunch - dog returning from her walk caked in mud and soggy leaves - and trying to work out why the programmer on our central heating system doesn't seem to like us wanting hot water and heating at the same time.  I predict an engineer's visit in the near future.  We've tried all the normal things, giving it a stern look, tapping it gently, putting the hoover nozzle up close to it to suck out any dust, blowing on it and even shouting 'why won't you work?' but nothing will convince it that hot water and hot radiators are a good thing. Thank goodness the weather is so mild.

And how does this Monday find me?
Pleasantly surprised by finding this in the mail ...

A premium bond win of £25 - just in time for Christmas, lovely!
Today it is really blustery; thankfully the central heating is behaving itself but I mustn't get too comfortable, I'm about to go out and meet a friend for afternoon tea.  Maybe those boots will be seeing their second trip into town.
See you again next week?  Same time?  Same place!


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ooh, lovely new boots. Mine are on their fifth Autumn/Winter and still going strong. That cake sounds interesting. A very unusual combination. Well done on the win. Have a great week.

Julie Kirk said...

Nice to see the universe helping your boot-fund out!

For the record ... I'm a size 4 boot lover too. We're either meant to go shopping together ... or else we'd best avoid it so we don't fight over that *one* pair of 4s!

Have a great week. x

Sian said...

Size 4 boots! Oh yes! How lovely that they were sitting there waiting for you :) I haven't been out far enough to find a copy of Simple Things, which I love for photography ideas. I hope to have a read soon.

Have a great week!

scrappyjacky said...

Much as I love the look of your boots....I'm ignoring them....I haven't even resorted to socks yet!!!

Patio Postcards said...

Congrats on your recent win - that is a perfect way to start the week. Happy week wishes to you.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ah! I love wearing boots but our weather here isn't cool enough to wear them often. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to buy more pairs! Lucky you to have won that prize! Good luck with your hot water situation. xo

Louise H said...

The universe was definitely telling you to buy the boots, so it would have been rude to ignore it.
Funnily enough (though no funny about it) my heating is doing the same - in fact our heating will only turn on if we press the hot water boost on and off, and vice versa for the hot water. And we can't have both at the same time, or nothing works. I've taken to putting the hot water on when I go to bed and having the timer turn it off in the wee hours (yes it turns off ok, just not on) so that we have hot water.
Have a good week x

alexa said...

Lovely to see you and to catch up on all your news ... New boots? Just in time, I think! It seems to have rained since the first of November. And how nice to have a win :). Hoping that your boiler is behaving - a kick from the new boots might not go amiss!

Cheri said...

Other than the thermostat issue, sounds like a delightful weekend! And the new boots - totally cute!

Sandie said...

I'm reading backwards in an effort to catch up (can't believe I have not read posts for over a week!) so I know you have bought boots and sandels! You are on a roll! I'm looking for new boots too, hoping the right ones will show themselves. I found some in one shop but they didn't have my size :(
I hope you get your heating sorted. That's not what you want in winter months.