Monday 10 April 2017

Memos, Mail and Me

When you look at the work calendar and you see that you have two weeks away from the office for the Easter break, it brings a smile to your face and puts a spring in your step.  Two whole weeks.  Oh the things you can do with two whole weeks to do what you want.  Then a short while later you look at the calendar again and realise that you've already had one of those weeks and have very little to show for it apart from getting up when you want to, having lunch when you want to and having as many tea/coffee/biscuit breaks as you want to.  How can I possibly have frittered away half my holiday on not doing very much at all?  Or maybe that is part of the holiday experience, not having to do very much?  One thing's for sure though, my postman has been busy giving me ample exhibits for joining in with sharing mail.

Liberate Your Art postcards are flooding in!
The idea is that you will receive 5 cards from fellow participants and one from Kat, who organised the whole thing.  In addition to this some people do 'side swaps' so it's lovely to receive more than the minimum amount.  I love checking out new blogs and hearing about the inspiration behind the postcard, or a quote written on the back.  This year, I even have one which travelled to me from Slovenia via Kat in the US.  The majority of people taking part are American, so I think it's time to spread the word this side of the Atlantic!  Check out the project here - so you can join in next year!

One thing the postman should have been delivering, but didn't, was my fabric for my new patchwork project - I received an email to say the layer cake pack of ten coordinating fabrics I ordered was out of stock, so instead I've chosen some of the individual fabrics and fingers crossed, they will be here in time for next week's Mail, Memos and Me post.

Other news this week

Our long term houseguests have gone home!

My daughter, her fianc√© and baby have been having a lot of work done on their house and asked if they could move in here 'for a couple of weeks' so they didn't have to live with all the dust, dirt and disturbance of the builders.  Now multiply that by three, and that's how long they've been here!  In some ways it has been lovely; we've seen Leo grow two teeth, be weaned onto real food and learn to crawl.  But it makes you realise how much you forget about the demands of a baby, and how they gradually take over every room in the house!  As I type this up, the quietness of the house seems weird, and everywhere looks a little bit empty as all his paraphernalia has been taken back to his proper home. 

But I had better get the bed linen changed and room aired quickly as our son is coming home for the whole Easter break - instead of early retirement next year, maybe we should consider opening a Bed and Breakfast :-)

A long weekend for everyone next week - I wonder how many Easter eggs we'll have consumed in time for next Monday's check in? 

Joining in with the Monday crew inspired by Sian,


Julie Kirk said...

Sounds like your time off, and the quiet, have come at a good time for you. Isn't it interesting how the shape of a family constantly continues to change? A bit like a tide!

Have a lovely week ahead, I hope you get to do something nice in between changing sheets. x

helena said...

a quiet week sounds the perfect way to spend some of your break from work - especially after the business of a baby in the house. Have a good week

Patio Postcards said...

Those are quite the collection of art postcards - what fun. House guests, especially family can be either lots of fun, please don't go or here's your hat, what's your hurray?

Two weeks off at Easter - lucky you. We only get Good Friday off, although the banks are closed on Monday.

Happy week ahead & hoping there's lots of chocolate in your Easter basket.

Sian said...

As I type I'm looking at my two, who are both home for the holidays and sitting together working at the kitchen table and it's lovely. But if they weren't here I wouldn't have to go back to the supermarket tomorrow. They've emptied the fridge in about three days :)

Enjoy the rest of your break. Frittering some of it away sounds like a worthwhile use of time to me: you'll feel the benefits once you have to get out of bed again!

Alison said...

I think the older you get, you realise that there is a good reason to have your children at a young are so right about how much work goes into child-rearing!..lovely the you had the time with Leo though xx

alexa said...

How special to have had a little bit of closer time with your grandson and been part of those milestones, even if the attendant busyness has been a bit draining ... Quiet time and a bit of drifting sounds perfect to me :). Hoping you enjoy it and your new fabric arrives soon.