Friday 9 June 2017

Photo hunting resumes!

For the past few years now I have enjoyed joining in with Rinda's Summertime Scavenger Hunt, but it seems that it isn't going to happen this year.  So I was thrilled when I saw the post from Mary-Lou to say that she was organising something this year with Lady Ella.

I was on holiday in Croatia when I saw it on the first day - June 1st and immediately started looking around for things that fell into the catergories.  I do love a photo scavenger hut!  The first one that I set my mind to was Something Yellow .  After my last Monday post, you could probably guess that this one caught my fancy!

Now this was fairly easy as there was a Yellow Submarine boat trip that left the harbour in Porec every day.  They also run a taxi service to the nearby islands and guess what?  The awning and seats are yellow!  But I didn't want to just use photos from Croatia in my collection and looking around the garden today I noticed that the yellow poppies have come into flower in the week that we have been gone.  My friend gave me some seeds a few years ago when I admired them in her garden and she handed them over with the warning that I may be cursing her in years to come as they multiply and appear in the most random places.  We haven't yet reached that point!

I'm not planning on taking more than one photo for each category but it's good to have a choice for when you get to the end and decide which one will make the final cut.

I should warn you that you may see a few Croatian photos in my finds - we had a fabulous week and would recommend it if you fancy trying something different.  We stayed in Porec which has a UNESCO World Heritage site.  So much character.  We have a special place in our hearts for anywhere Italian, and Porec is so close, there is much Italian influence there.

Time to upload camera photos and sort through our pictures to find more to share with you next time.  Thanks, Mary Lou for picking up the Scavenger Hunt baton - it's going to be fun!


Leslie Clingan said...

Is it too late to get in on this photo scavenger hunt? Where would the prompts be found? I love doing these kinds of things on Instagram. Have been looking for someone to join me for a month of photo prompts this summer. Maybe you would be interested?

Speaking of Croatia...I made friends with the sweetest gal from Croatia during one of my long-term sub jobs. She and her family are here in the U.S. for a year, ending in the next few days, while her husband attends school at Ft. Bliss Army Post here in El Paso. She has shared bits of Croatia with me, including a drawing her son made of an lovely beach near their home.

Love your beautiful bright yellow.

debs14 said...

Certainly is t too late to join in! It lasts three months and only started June 1st. If you click on the word 'Mary-Lou' in the first paragraph of my post it should take you straight to the page with the list. Welcome aboard!

Ruth said...

I'll be joining in ... can't see how I missed her post! Happy hunting!

Patio Postcards said...

Yeah Ladies so glad Deb, Leslie & Ruth you are all in for the hunt.

Deb your yellow selection is a magnificent start to it all. It seems Maggie & myself also started with yellow.

Can't wait to hear more about Croatia