Sunday 26 November 2017

It's been a while

I've become one of those annoying intermittent bloggers - you know the kind.  Updates and blog posts on a regular basis then suddenly tumbleweeds rolling around through blogland for weeks.  I'd like to say it was because I was taking part in exciting things and travelling the world but I'm not one to lie.  

There's been a lot of counting of blessings in amongst the day to day business.  Feeling thankful that I am here to do the things that become part of the average day.  Enjoying crisp frosty mornings

Long leisurely walks with the dog

Spending Wednesdays looking after this little rascal

And saving lots of money on Black Friday by not buying anything from the dozens of emails that I had from websites advertising huge discounts.  (To be truthful, we are thinking of buying a small chest freezer to put in the utility room for extra food storage and I've been monitoring prices over the last week of so and guess what?  The price on Friday was no different to that at the beginning of the week, except on Friday it had a big sash across the photo saying it was a Black Friday discount price.  I did not buy it on principle!)

I've felt quite subdued on learning that a lady whose two daughters are the same age as my 'children' had died.  I'd last seen her at the beginning of the year; her younger daughter is getting married next spring and as I was at that time involved in all the planning of our family weddings we had a good chat about wedding dress shopping, the problems in choosing a venue, and mother of the bride outfits.  How sad that she is not going to be there for her daughter's big day.  I did not know at the time - although she did - that she had pancreatic cancer.  So her excitement at making plans must have been tinged with knowing that although she could be involved in the planning of the event she probably would not be there to see the actual day.  It is so sad that sometimes it takes hearing such news to give you a shake and tell you to appreciate all the little things you take for granted.

This weekend we had all 7 of us around the table for Sunday lunch, daughter, son in law, grandson, son and daughter in law, all chatting and laughing and it was so lovely to have that lovely family feeling.

It's hard work getting a full on traditional English Sunday roast on the table, thank goodness I had help with the carving of the joint


Patio Postcards said...

Lovely to hear from you Deb. Oh that is sad about the lady who passed from cancer, I have read it is one of the worse kinds. It's going to be hard for her daughter that day regardless of how pre-perpared her Mum tried to make her.

Sunday dinner photo gave me a chuckle, while neither of my fur babies ever get people food, they too like to observe the Sunday Mr Man meat being set out.

Happy week. Hoping you continue with weather that allows those fabulous walks out with your dog friend.

Ruth said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend; sometimes life does appear cruel. We learned on Friday about the death of a friend, a good few years younger than me and with a six-year-old boy (with Down Syndrome). Good to count your blessings, though.

Your grandson is very cute and I bet he keeps you on your toes! The pooch is as cute as ever.

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

I am afraid I have been a rather sporadic blogger since I started. I mean well but living life keeps getting in the way of writing about it!!

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is so devastating. My heart aches for your friend and her daughter. I don't know how people get up after being knocked down with a diagnosis of cancer.