Monday 4 June 2018


There's been no shortage of advice from people when I've told them I'm taking early retirement and it's interesting to see how different people view it in different ways.

I've been told to keep busy and I've been told to not feel guilty about doing nothing.

I've been told to take up a new interest and I've been told to get more involved in hobbies I already have.

I've been told to spend as much time as I can doing not very much in the garden and I've been told to get out an about as much as I can.

Everybody who is already retired seems to have an opinion and each one is different.  I didn't realise that this was going to be such a controversial moment!  I think that if I do a bit of everything that everybody has suggested I'll probably have more than enough to fill my days.

Of course day one of my new life is not totally relaxing, the builders have just arrived to start replacing the paving in the front garden and so I predict a morning of tea and coffee making to keep them happy.  My daughter isn't feeling well so I've offered to take my grandson to his toddler music activity class this morning and then we had already planned to pop over to the next town as she needs some new work clothes and it's not easy to shop with a toddler in a buggy who's intent on grabbing everything that passes within reach.  

I've managed to capture two of the photos I need for the Scavenger Hunt that Mary Lou is hosting - we spent the afternoon and evening at Paul's cousin's yesterday and their garden is so lovely, and it was easy to find something for The Rosiness of Red

And then whilst cooking, I noticed the brand of oil that I use perfectly fits Mellow Yellow

Time to go and put the kettle on again, those workmen are probably thirsty!


Patio Postcards said...

Deb you are off to a great start with the SPSH. I like your Mellow Yellow find. I think you & retirement with find your own happy balance of what to do or not do.

Ruth said...

I think the secret of retirement is to do what you want to do! Great start to the scavenger hunt and thanks for the reminder that we are now in June!

Cheri said...

Happy Retirement! Enjoy it thoroughly doing (or not doing) whatever makes you happy at any given moment!!!

Catherine said...

I just found early retirement gave me a way of doing what I want, when I want. Go with the flow! I suppose planning for the future is something you could look at. We have future proofed our home a bit by installing a new boiler and white goods and generally trying to imagine what it will be like to cope here physically as we get older. (That doesn’t mean we have a stair lift fitted, yet!) we have also had the time to get involved more with groups locally so that we do not feel isolated later on. Just enjoy! said...

I would love to say that I am nicely settled into retirement but the truth is, after three plus years, I am not. And I don't know how to fix it. Hope I can follow along on your journey and get some pointers.

Barbara Eads said...

Welcome to retirement! As you can see, if you think you were going to sit around---it won't happen!! You'll be just as busy, but with other things---mostly fun---like time with the grands. We've been retired for 8 years---my husband retired at 59---and we love it!! Technically, I guess we're not really retired as we always seem to be working. But now, it's our choice!

Karen said...

Having just finished my 10th year of retirement, I can tell you that there is nothing better! I have no trouble keeping busy, and have to work at not letting the shortage of time get to me! If I'd known how wonderful it was going to be, I would have left even sooner. (Although I did love my job until the day I left!)