Monday 27 August 2018

Me on Bank holiday Monday

Hello there! 

It's Bank Holiday Monday here today - although since I gave up work it just seems like any other Monday!

Last week was pretty busy, my daughter's birthday was on Friday and they came for dinner the day before.  My trusty egg free cake recipe came in handy again!

They haven't tested Leo for his egg allergy again yet so we're sticking with safe food.  I think they do a skin prick test once a year to see if the reaction is reducing or staying the same.

I realised it was 10 weeks since I went to the hairdressers so a good cut and a few highlights were definitely needed. It also gave me the opportunity to find the last photo I needed for the Scavenger Hunt but you'll need to see the official link up post for that later this week!

The weekend was also time to celebrate our son and daughter in law's first anniversary and housewarming.  Let's just say it was much warmer, drier and sunnier a year ago!  And last Bank Holiday Monday was spent dismantling a huge marquee and waiting in a field for tables chairs and porta-loos to be collected before taking the hired suits back to Moss Bros. 

So what does today bring?  Well, my daughter thought it would be a good idea to have Leo's birthday celebrations this afternoon, even though it is not until Wednesday, as no one had to work today so we'll be popping over there later to watch him blow out the candles on his birthday cake.  Two years old - that time has flown by.  He's such a little character, he gets away with murder with his cheeky grin and sparkly blue eyes!

I've started knitting a blanket for when his little sister arrives, it's coming along nicely and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed having a knitting project on the go.  It's so easy to pick up and do a couple of rows every evening and I think I'm about a third of the way through it now.

I decided that I would try and find a new box set to watch while knitting.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I loved The Crown and can't wait for the new season and I am watching Stranger Things with my husband in the evenings so I've looked through the lists today and found Alias Grace.  Just watched the first episode and I think it could be good.  Anyone else out there watched it?  Or have any recommendations for me?  As you can see from the three I've mentioned, I don't really have a particular genre that I like to watch - variety is the spice of life eh?!


Patio Postcards said...

You're right this last year has flown or blown by. I need that pause button found! I like your photo & having your hair cut/trimmed always makes you feel so much more tidy; I just about 4" chopped off, I had not been in about 6 months! I recently had to cut out eggs for a bit to see if they were at the root of my digestive woes, thankfully they were not but having a good eggless cake recipe is a good idea. Have you shared that before?

I just picked up a box set from the library, it's an older series, Garrow's Law, it has many of the actors we like (BBC production) Have you seen any of the Vera series? That's such a good series (short each series of I think 4) Brenda Blethyn is fantastic. I like the Poldark series, Adian Turner is gorgeous.

Maggie said...

That year has flown by. We had a family gathering yesterday and it was more like a winter party than the summer lunch we had planned

alexa said...

Is it really a year? Oh my goodness. I must have blinked :(. I smiled at your photo - very fetching. Nothing like a good haircut to make one feel better, is there. Your eggless recipe sounds very useful; I'm busy acquiring vegan gluten-free ones (which is not as restrictive as you might think!). Hoping the allergy disappears as he grows up. As for series to watch, I am afraid we were so desperate this wet and cold Bank Holiday SDnday that we got the old Star Trek Next Generation out!