Tuesday 7 August 2018

Me on a Tuesday

I saw something on Facebook this morning that really resonated with me; it was a quote that was along the lines of remembering that every situation in life is temporary so when you are going through good times, make sure you enjoy them fully and when life is not so good remember it won't last forever and good days will return.  

We've had some sad news this weekend but it isn't my story to tell so I can't really say any more.  I hate to be so vague but am a firm believer that social media shouldn't just be about advertising when things are going well, we should be open and let people know that everyone has times when they aren't so happy as you may think.  I can't just happily blog about things we've done and places we've been when behind the scenes things aren't as rosy as normal.  Rosiness will return, this is temporary and life will move onwards and upwards.  I saw first hand when I worked at the school that teenagers judge their own lives by comparing things with what they see others are doing and they forget that people often only post photos of fun things or when they are looking at their best.  (If you have younger/teenage children there's a very interesting article here about 'Life in Likes'.)  Us grown ups need to remember too that life is a real mix of ups and downs and we can't fully appreciate the ups if we haven't felt the downs too. 


I originally wanted to write this post to recommend a book I've just finished.  I saw it reviewed on another blog and thought it sounded intriguing.  And it was!  The book is Our House by Louise Candlish - you can find it here - you won't regret spending 99p on downloading it!  Oh my goodness.  The story is written in the form of the wife taking part in a podcast and the husband writing a word document so you see both sides of the story.  The plot line is that the wife comes home one day to find strangers moving into her house.  All her furniture is gone and her husband has disappeared.  It is a story with a true 'domino effect', how one incident becomes a tipping point for so many other things going wrong.  The last chapter, where you can see that something well meaning is going to have disastrous consequences had me muttering at my kindle, not wanting the ending to be how it looked it would be and as I read the last page I couldn't help saying 'NO!!!!' out loud!  If you decide to give it a go, please let me know if you enjoyed it.  

So that's it for today, I'm just off to my Zumba class - that'll be a shock to the system as I haven't been for a month - I was away on holiday and then the teacher was away, but I'm sure a bit of a dance to some 'cheesy' disco classics is just what I need to lift my spirits.


Patio Postcards said...

A great reminder to us all Deb that life isn't always an Insta photo. Life is tough & none of us get out alive, so while we are here we should be kind & have courage. I think it's tougher some days not to compare our selves or our lives to those others. I hope who ever it is going through a difficult time has some amazing friends & family to surround & support them through what ever the difficult time is.

I hope your muscles remembered all those zumba moves - I like my 80's fitness class the music is so lively & the instructor is just one loving life lady.

Cheri said...

Sorry for whatever is going on. We had a very rough weekend/Monday here as well and I haven't had the heart to blog about it yet.

The book sounds fabulous - but it's $12.99 for the Kindle version in the US. Going to see if it might be available in our local thrift shop - sounds like a great beach read!

alexa said...

Sad to read that there are difficult things for you right now and hoping you will find a way through ... Oh, that Zumba sounds fun! I've never done it but might be tempted this autumn if I can find a class.

Maggie said...

Sorry about your bad news. I often worry that youngsters get a false idea of the life their friends are having from Facebook but actually I remember when I was at school that Monday morning was always full of rosy stories of what folks had done at the weekend. It always sounded better than anything I had done but I don't suppose it really was.