Monday 17 September 2018

Me on Monday

Happy Monday!

If you were to walk by my house this morning, you'd see that the work to the front garden is finished - yay!  I can't believe what a difference replacing the lawn has made, now we just have to keep it green and healthy.  My husband's a great one for water conservation and only using the rainwater that we collect for the garden for watering so the instruction 'it will need an hour of sprinkler watering every day for a couple of weeks' does not sit comfortably with him.  He looks very guilty as he turns on that outside tap every evening ...

I have a feeling he may be doing it under the cover of darkness from now on!

So I learnt a valuable lesson this week.

Never assume.  As they say 'it just makes an ass out of u and me.'

I finished knitting the blanket for the new grand-baby and realised that I was really going to miss having some knitting to do in the evenings.  So, I browsed the internet, found some newborn sized hats that were pretty.  I even found some pink and white DK wool hidden away in a drawer so it felt like the stars had aligned to say 'get knitting'.

About half way through the patterned band something didn't feel right but a pattern of sorts was emerging and I kept going, enjoying the intricacy of working on 4 needles again.  Then as I reached the shaping rows, I noticed that I should still have 80 stitches - and I had about 250.  Oops.  I did my own thing to get it into a kind of a hat shape and then headed back to the website where I found the pattern.  Turns out it was an American pattern and there are some knitting instructions that are carried out differently in the US to how we do it in the UK.  So I went back to my needles, started a new hat and took the knitting upstairs to do the first pattern row while reading the step by step instructions on the computer.  I think it's quite obvious which is the correctly knitted hat ...

Still the good news is that the first one fits a Cabbage Patch Doll perfectly so all is not lost 🤣

What about Me on Monday?  

Well this Monday finds me heading off to our daughter's to help with the decorating of the new nursery now that very big grown up boy has moved into his new room.  Time is marching on and they only have weekends in which to do any work around the home.  Our son in law has to work this weekend so that's another week gone and I know that not having the room ready is playing on R's mind, so I figure if I can even just get a couple of walls done, it's a bit less for them to do themselves.  So in the interests of not coating my phone in paint I'll miss the selfie today.  How's your Monday looking?


Patio Postcards said...

Your front garden does look really neat & nice. Maybe Mother Nature will play her hand in providing some rain for you ...

Pretty hats both for baby & doll (col). I find that very interesting & not because I knit, but that there are different instructions for knitting in USofA vs GB.

Happy painting!

Cheri said...

Glad you had enough yarn to redo that hat - so cute! My Monday looks like catching up with a lot of things that were left when I was out of town for work last week. Seems my spouse could stand to be reacquainted with a vaccuum and toilet brush!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Now that's interesting...I didn't realize that knitting instructions would be different in the least the first one fits the doll!! Usually I just rip it all out and start over!!
I'm working on a hat for me, and just started last's way too big, I'm going to need smaller needles, but it's all good!! It's the process that I love!!

Barbara Eads said...

I have not tried to knit anything but scarves and dish cloths. I was about half way through a sweater when I realized it was going to be way too big! I need patterns to be exact! I haven't knitted anything in quite awhile. I haven't even been doing any needlepoint lately. I have a project that I'm not particularly loving, so am not motivated to finish it! Your hats are adorable! They look so soft!

Ruth said...

How sweet that both the baby and the doll can have matching hats!! Would your husband like to pop round and work on our garden, please? said...

Wishing you an hour of rain a day for the next few weeks so you and your husband can feel comfortable about watering the grass. We have a similar issue at our house. Paul accuses me of doing extra watering when his back is turned but I really don't...much, anyway. He says we live in a desert, which is true, but also all the more reason we need to water!! Your yard looks very pretty and well manicured.

Both hats are adorable! And so much better because they are made with love. Lucky is the CPK who gets the top little cap.

Wishing you a productive Monday tomorrow!