Friday 28 September 2018

Scavenger Hunt - the final collection

I mentioned before that I've joined in the photo scavenger hunt organised by Mary-Lou
I've shown all my photos in previous post but here they are all together for the final post.

The Rosiness of red and Stripes

A framed view and Wings

Pedal Power and Glorious Green                                  
An Unexpected reflection and A pile of ...


  Looks smaller than you and A field of plenty 


Pretty in Pink and Bell

Equal portions and A trilogy of three

Out of the blue and Something from a song title

Repurposed and Currency

Picture Postcard Perfect and Mellow Yellow

What a fun project - I'm already looking forward to next year's subjects!


Maggie said...

Great selection. Well done! I always think it's great to see the final selection altogether even if we have seen them as they emerge. I also like the way you have presented them in pairs.

Patio Postcards said...

Wonderful finds - Deb thank you SO much for joining in & I do hope it was fun for you. I cannot pick a favourite find but as Maggie says a great way to present them, in pairs.

Karen said...

You have some amazing photos here. I particularly like the framed view and picture postcard perfect. x

Barbara Eads said...

I just love your interpretation of the items. You have some great finds. I'm sorry I didn't participate this year---maybe next. I only did it once, but I enjoyed it! I think what I like the best is how it made me notice things---especially deeper than what you are actually seeing!

Ruth said...

You had some really excellent finds and they look fabulous when displayed together in a single post.