Wednesday 11 September 2019

The wanderers return

Somebody seems to have turned down the temperatures in the UK since we left a week ago - I am sitting here in jeans and sweatshirt and seriously considering putting the heating back on!  Or maybe it's just that we had become used to good temperatures while we were away.  Either way, I've spent a lot of today saying 'isn't it chilly?'  So the washing is done, the ironing can wait {won't be wearing those shorts and sundresses again any time soon I fear!}

Dubrovnik was beautiful.  Everyone that I know who had been there said it was but I have to say if you get the chance to go, it is definitely worth putting on your 'to go' list.  Apparently it was used extensively in Game of Thrones but as I've never watched it, I'm afraid I can't really comment on how it compares in real life!  We stayed in Hotel Grand Villa Argentina which was perfectly positioned for an easy stroll into the city.  

Our first view of Dubrovnik

This was our view of the city as we walked from our hotel.  It is surrounded by huge city walls that hold so much history and a walk around them was definitely on our list of things to do while we were there.  However, we had had a taxi collect us from home at 3.30 am and we were very weary travellers by the time we had settled into the hotel and unpacked so that was a plan for the following day.

The city which looks so pretty in the day really comes to life in the evening

There are so many steps!  The city is built on so many different levels, fortunately I had taken flat sandals.  There are so many restaurants to choose from and this was the view from where we ate the first night.  Fortunately we had chosen a restaurant at the top of the city so with a full stomach and a glass or two of wine, the way home was down hill!

The harbour was so pretty in the evenings, this photo doesn't really do it justice.  

An early night was on the cards, so we took a few photos, then headed for the hotel, ready for an early night in preparation for a long walk the next day.  What a lovely surprise to find our beds turned down, soft music playing on the tv and these locally made chocolates waiting on our bedside tables ...


Ruth said...

Hi *waving* - every time I see a photo of yours in Croatia on IG, I think I should go there. My parents were big fans of Dubrovnik.

Patio Postcards said...

Glad your holiday was everything you wanted/needed/expected. I have friends that were on a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik last week! Cannot wait to see more photos from your trip.

Barbara Eads said...

We visited Dubrovnik a few years ago, but only for the day. We were on a Mediterranean cruise. I can see now that you would need to spend a week there to really do and see everything. Still, it's always nice to get back home too!