Wednesday 7 July 2021

The best laid plans ...

 Just like that, the week we thought we had planned changed.

Rachel dropped Rosie off here yesterday morning as normal.  We played for a while and then went to the shops where Rosie fell asleep and had a lovely hour long nap, and then Rachel rang in a state of somewhere between anger and upset.  Her husband had gone into work, had his routine lateral flow test, and was promptly told to leave the building, have a PCR test and go home to isolate as he had tested positive.  

It was a bit of a shock as he had no symptoms at all, and they wondered if it was a false positive but the results are back today from the more accurate test and it confirmed the result.  Also, overnight he has developed symptoms and is now feeling under the weather.  So Rachel had to pick Leo up from school and then get Rosie from us and quickly take them to the nearest testing centre.  It was quite a shock as James works for a medical company and had been double vaccinated for quite some time.  Needless to say he is in the doghouse for bringing home the virus - well actually he's decamped to the playroom where he's set up an office and slept on the sofa! Poor Rachel is left to deal with two under 5s who will be bored and squabbling by lunchtime.

So whatever happens, Leo will miss his last week of school, which includes sports day  - and the Under The Sea day so there will be no photos of his costume which is a shame because it was looking pretty good!  Maybe they'll have a themed day at home instead.  

Then this morning I had an early message from Jon.  Max has woken with suspicious raised spots all over his chest and stomach.  He sent photos and they look distinctly like early chicken pox spots.  So they aren't coming over today just in case! No childminding for me this week.

But this has all got me thinking.  We did lateral flow tests last night which were both negative so at the moment we are ok.  It's only 10 days to our holiday, is it worth us going out to places with the associated risk of being 'pinged' to say that we've been in contact with someone who has reported a positive result?  I'm thinking that it isn't.  Rachel and family will be out of isolation in the nick of time. If we stay close to home apart from dog walks in the countryside from today we would be fine.  I think it's time to cancel my Zumba class and hair cut.   I've just done a BIG Tesco shop for us and Rachel so the cupboards are well stocked.  

What do you think?  Would you stay home in the 10 days leading up to a holiday?  Or are we being over cautious?  


Patio Postcards said...

OH MY - I do hope that James will be OK. Do they know if it is the Delta variant that he has contracted? Certainly not fun for the kids but I'm liking theme day at home. Chicken Pox? This side of the pond, Chicken Pox vaccine is one of the 5 kids get before school? Let's hope not CP. Yes a big decision ahead of you & Paul... maybe Coco could weigh in on the vote.

Ruth said...

Crikey, that's not good news - I do hope James makes a full and quick recovery and that Max doesn't have chicken pox. :(

If it were me going on holiday, I'd be staying home until then. Fingers crossed for you! said...

Oh, my goodness. I woke up with you on my mind this morning. I am so sorry to hear these developments. We just never know do we? So frustrating. I am glad James hasn't had symptoms but hope he will still take it easy. I agree with Mary-Lou, we have a chicken pox vaccine in the U.S., and I guess where she is in Canada. Hope Max doesn't have chicken pox. And hoping Sophie can stay away until you guys know what Max does have and know that it isn't contagious. Does Max have other symptoms?

Save the scuba costume for Halloween. Maybe both boys can have scuba costumes and Rosie can be a mermaid.

I would not want to jeopardize your holiday plans so would be inclined to do whatever you need to - stay home, self-quarantine sort of, until time for your trip. You have waited and looked forward to this for too long to not be able to enjoy your vacation.

Praying you guys stay well. Any word on Rachel's tests? How is Sophie feeling? Anything new on the house?