Friday 20 May 2022

Is it just me?

 Does anyone else share these moments?

  • Writing out a detailed shopping list, then leaving it on the breakfast bar when you go to the shops
  • Remembering almost everything on that list but then realising that you have forgotten the one crucial ingredient you need for tonight's dinner just as you are loading up the car in the car park
  • Parking in a different area of your usual car park in town then having a minor panic when you go back as normal to level 2, 3rd row in, close to the pay and display machine and your car isn't there
  • Throwing away the packaging for something you are cooking then immediately remember you didn't notice how long it needs to cook for and having to sort through the bin
  • Going to the local shops, buying too much to carry, then remembering that today was the day you decide to walk instead of taking the car
  • Forgetting someone's name about 30 seconds after you were introduced to them
  • Asking a group of people what they want to drink when not concentrating and then forgetting who wanted what when you get back to the kitchen - coffee? tea? milk? sugar? Too many variations!
  • Asking supermarket staff where an item is when you have been searching up and down the aisles only to be shown that you are, in fact, standing next to it
  • Checking your bag dozens of times at the airport to make sure that you definitely still have your passport, purse and tickets in there
  • Putting dark framed glasses on a dark worktop while you put your make up on, then can't see where they are because you need to be wearing your glasses to find your glasses
Hopefully I'm not alone with all of these! Do you have anything to add to my list?

7 comments: said...

Snorted aloud with laughter and in agreement at almost all of these. Need to start wearing my glasses full-time probably but for now I am still getting by with squinting!! So that one about needing your glasses to find your glasses I will have to get back to you about.

The shopping list issue is most familiar. I make very elaborate shopping lists for my monthly trip to the grocery store. Most of the time, I take the list, but I have forgotten it in the car and/or decided not to consult it in the store because it is a pain to have to keep up with it. And then I get home without much of what I needed.

We don't entertain - except Lauren, Francisco and the kids and the occasional visit from out of town fam - so I don't worry about mixing up drink orders. I am an old waitress and can still manage that most of the time when needed.

Can relate to losing my car in the parking lot. But not walking to the store...too far. I will, however, fail to get a cart because I am only shopping for a couple of things and then will struggle to hold everything because I have picked up a dozen extra items.

Always throw away the packaging too soon for something I am making. Rather than dig around to find the box in the trash, I just guess...350? 400 degrees? Bake for 20 minutes??

Thanks for the laugh!!

Barbara Eads said...

OMGosh! I can relate to every one of these! Let me add a couple: looking for your sunglasses only find them hanging on your shirt; reading a "real" book, but trying to turn the page by tapping; finding a word you want to "look up" in a "real" book and putting your finger on it to have nothing happen!; and finally and this is the worst, reaching to adjust your glasses because you can't see quite clearly only to realize you aren't wearing them!! I'm so glad I'm not alone!!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I've experienced all of these! The other day I went shopping and on the way home realised I didn't have the husband's orange juice, the main reason for going shopping. So had to make a second trip to local shops.

Susanne said...

Yes, guilty on all counts except one. That is only because there are no shops within walking distance.

I am notorious for leaving the grocery list - when I bother to make one - and I should always bother to make on - on the kitchen counter. Since the pandemic, I have been making the list in my grocery store app, and that is meeting with mixed results. I still forget to add items to the list when I think of them -- so maybe a paper list on the side of the fridge would work as well, because I also forget to clip coupons on my grocery store app before I go.

And I can manage to lose my contacts when I am putting them in and taking them out, even when I still have my glasses on.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

It's amazing how this is so true for us!! In fact, I just made rice and left the package out to know how long to boil it so I wouldn't have to go searching on the bag again...I call that progress, haha!!

Ruth said...

Lots on this list making me laugh and nod my head in agreement - it is most definitely not just you! :)

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, you have me in stitches! I've done almost everyone of those too. The one you might have omitted iss putting the iron on to heat up and then going away and getting involved in something else - and then hubby asking several hours later "Did you know the iron is on?". My mother-in-law once left the iron on when they went away for the weekend, face down on a homemade wooden ironing board - and came back to find it had burnt a hole right through the board, fallen onto the carpet and was now doing the same!