Monday 19 December 2022

Me on Monday

 But first, let me bring you the 7 days of Snowmas

1st Day - is that snow in the air?  Oh I wonder if it will settle

2nd day - Oh that is so pretty, it's like a Winter Wonderland out there, Coco is having the time of her life

3rd day - Bit slippy on the pavements now where it's frozen overnight

4th day - OK I am not going out there unless I absolutely have to, the paths are like skating rinks

5th day - 'Only' took 20 mins to deice my car and we can't open the door from the conservatory because the snow has slipped down the roof and frozen over the gutter

6th day - Coco is still loving it but it's ridiculous that it is safer to drive than walk anywhere

7th day - Weather forecast says higher temperatures and rain is on its way - think the ducks on the lake are looking forward to it melting

So this Monday I am hoping for a proper defrost - especially as I am meeting friends for lunch in a pub which is accessed via some narrow country lanes!

The countdown to Christmas is gathering speed, with early finishes at school, pre-Christmas drinks with friends, Christmas Eve supper with R and family and then the big day will be here.

I hope that this week finds us all with time to pause and relax - it's so easy to try and fit too much into too few days isn't it?  Have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh I hear you about the snow & the ice. It makes walking so dangerous. Yesterday at church we had to have walking buddies for some of the older members to/from the parking lot into church - we are on a hill & the walkway or driveway had not been cleared of the ice from last Thursday. Two older members drove up - looked & drove home! Our forecast is snow starting on Thursday & continuing through to Sunday - hopefully the weather forecasters are wrong!!

I hope you have safe driving to your lunch meet up at the pub & that the weather rises to melt off the snow/ice to make walking Coco safer. Happy Christmas.

Jennifer said...

That is quite the lead-up to Christmas - weather-wise!! Everyone seems to long for a white Christmas (um, not me so much), and well it has arrived in your neck of the woods!! Coco seems to have the festive spirit! I have a question: we've been watching the Christmas editions from all our favorite British tv...and now I am curious. Do most say Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas?? Which is the "proper" British greeting:)

Ruth said...

Last week certainly was a cold one! Your wintry photos are beautiful. I hope you made it to the country pub!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Ha, that's exactly it Deb! And wasn't it amazing how, overnight, the snow and ice just vanished, and it was warm again!

Susanne said...

I like the snow best when it disappears quickly, especially in December when there is so much to do.