Monday 22 January 2024

Me on Monday 22 January


Welcome to a brand new week - hopefully not quite as chilly as the last one was!  I know that we Brits are renowned for our obsession with the weather but boy has it been cold.  It's not so much the temperature on the thermometer, it's the wind chill factor.  I made a silly mistake on Thursday when I went into town for a few bits.  I was planning on parking in the multi storey car park, nipping into M&S and Boots and coming home.  About 3/4 of a mile from town is a lay by where you can park for free for two hours; normally it is busy but that day there were a few spaces so I thought 'it's better for my health to get a few more steps in, plus I won't have to get involved in any traffic'.  It wasn't until I had locked the car and started walking that I realised that although I had gloves with me, I hadn't taken my hat or scarf as I wasn't expecting to be walking far.  Boy did I regret that!  On my way back from town I passed this board outside a cafe ...

Dogs welcome, People tolerated!

That made me smile.  Other things that made me smile this week were these ...

A few years ago I was inspired to try my hand at knitting socks so I have a small supply of the warmest socks I own.

Also who could resist a note like this one from Leo

The message inside tells me I am 'The best Nanny ever' so that definitely made me smile.  

My random piece of information for today is that it was this date in 1927 that the first football match was commentated on radio.  The Radio Times published a plan of the pitch marked into squares so that listeners could follow the match.  It is thought that this may be the origin of going 'back to square one' as this was the box that the ball would land in if kicked back to the goalkeeper.  Some think it relates to earlier games like snakes and ladders but I like the vision of people listening intently to a radio commentary and following along with their pitch plan in the magazine.

We are trying something new this week, our local Arts Centre has a live showing from the National Theatre of 'Dear England' a play about Gareth Southgate and how he went from being known for missing a crucial penalty to being the manager of the England football team.  Now I'm not the biggest football fan, although I do watch our national team, but the play gets good reviews and I do want to support our local Arts Centre.

So while I was hibernating last week, I did get on with my crochet and I now have a completed centre square to share.  I have even given away a couple of completed blankets to Rachel and Jon, now the weather has turned cold our grandchildren enjoy sitting in their car booster seats and being tucked up under a lovely wooly blanket.  I now have a clear conscience about starting a new one ;-) 

Today my main plan is to go into town and book a holiday ... watch this space!


Patio Postcards said...

Beginning at the end ...a holiday to plan, exciting. What a great solution of what you did with the crocheted blankets - it is like being wrapped in a piece of "Nana's Love" when they travel. Very cheerful socks to keep toasty warm toes & feet, along with Leo's note to keep your heart warm. Canadians also spent a lot of conversation time in discussing the weather :)

Ruth said...

You will absolutely love Dear England - can't wait to hear what you think of it! :)

The crochet is looking lovely and how fab to know that your GC keep snuggly under one of your blankets (made with love in every stitch - or should that be loop?)

Barbara Eads said...

Your socks are so much fun! I love the colors. Warmth is the bonus! The note from Leo is precious! And the blankets---let me just say that you can never make too many. When my mother passed away (I am the oldest of 7), There were at least a dozen new ones in her closet. She made them all her life and for each member of the family for any occasion: baby's births, wedding, college graduation, etc. Once she was gone, they became that much more valuable to the family. We all love that little piece of her. I'm sure your family will feel the same way!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Look forward to hearing what holiday you choose!
It's less cold now but I have to say I prefer it cold!! I still get hot flushes and at night get hot sometimes with my 5 tog duvet. Crazy,
Have a good week. said...

Glad you survived your jaunt into town without scarf or hat. Thank goodness for the gloves. I think my hands get coldest of all. Love the sandwich board. I prefer dogs over some people, myself.

In awe of your crocheting and knitting. Your socks are so cute and colorful. Cannot believe you made them. They look really fabulous. You need to go into the sock-making business!!

Our grandbabies are so dear. What a thoughtful note from Leo. Lucia made me an angel kitty picture and it warmed my heart. We promptly put it in a frame we have for her drawings.

Nice to catch up with you. How fun to be planning a vacation. Will be eager to read all the details.