Monday 15 April 2024

Me on Monday 15 April

 Happy Monday!  My intention to try and blog a little more frequently has been hampered by a small visitor who is here while her family are on holiday in Dubai.

Yes, Daisy the Daschund is back, and Coco is sulking.

Daisy may be small but is pretty needy.  Doesn't like being on her own and likes to spend as much time as she can sitting on your lap.  One of the by products of having a mum who works from home!

Paul’s been very busy tidying up in the garden. Last year I planted some new tulips to add a different colour and I am so thrilled with them

The orange tones make a nice change to the reds and yellows we already have.

So this week finds us trying to console Coco with the fact Daisy is here for the whole week! We’ll be staying close to home as I’m not sure it would be fair to leave them both home alone. Daisy takes house protection duties to another level and I think her yapping every time a car went past would drive Coco mad!

Today the weather is horrible, what a difference a day makes.  What a good job Paul got the tidying up done yesterday when it was t shirt and shorts weather! I thought we had a day to ourselves but just had a message from Jon to say it’s inset day for Max and were we busy this morning. We all know what that means! Lucky I did some baking yesterday as Max’s tummy always feels hungry as soon as he arrives 😉

Have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

Please don't let Coco know I've said this, but oh my Daisy is SO cute. Your new tulips are very pretty & do add a splash of colour in the unfolding spring. I cannot wait to get out into the garden. Your children/grandchildren are very lucky to have you so close by to step in for child care & especially nice that they have a Granny that likes to bake :)

Barbara Eads said...

This tulips are beautiful! I should try planting some in containers. I'm not sure they would work here, but they are so pretty that it's worth a try. Hope your week goes smoothly with your furry houseguest!

Ruth said...

Those tulips are so beautiful! And while Miss Daisy is indeed cute, Coco's still my girl! :)

Shocking change in the weather from yesterday to today! said...

So nice to catch up with you. That Daisy is a cutie but you know how I feel about Coco. I am sure our adult cat (I call all of our cats kitties, though) is not at all impressed with the male kitty I found last summer. But Purrcy has really livened things up around here. And Purrsnickitty is certainly moving around more, whether she likes it or not. But they fight as much or more than they play.

I have heard that Dubai is an exciting, beautiful place to visit. My brother-in-law used to go there for work with Exxon-Mobil. Hope the kids are having the best time.

Glad Paul got your garden tidied. Those tulips are really pretty. Well done planting them in a blue pot, too!!

Jennifer said...

Coco did not see that coming!! Maybe, just maybe, they will become friends before the week ends. Maybe?? I love your tulips and think I would like to plant some for my yard. When are they supposed to be planted? In the fall?? I dunno. Hope your week is going well. Hang in there Coco!!:)