Monday 29 April 2024

#WBOYC in April


Hello and welcome to the round up of my month, linking up with Deb.


Appointments - my least favourite kind - dental.  I did have to cancel the one that had been booked six months ago (details below under I)Also hair and nails - isn't it nice to have a bit of pampering when you haven't been well?


Pet sitting.  The return of Daisy the Daschund.

She wasn't too much trouble but she is a very needy dog - constantly wanting to sit on your lap which is nice if you are looking for an excuse to sit down and read a book or watch the tv but not so good if you just want to eat your dinner in peace.  Coco was ticking off the days until her family returned from holiday!


Reliving my youth at an Average White Band concert.

Yes I did remember all the words, which isn’t bad considering I first heard them 50 years ago!


Ill.  What a way to start the month.  I spent the first few days of the month staying very close to home and had to cancel not only a dental appointment (which I didn't mind) and a lunch out with friends (which I definitely wanted to go to).  My son was ill too and the finger of suspicion is pointing to his son who brought germs home from school with him at the end of term!  


Looking forward to having a reason to wear my new prescription sunglasses and also to planting out some new plants that we got at a local garden centre.  Are you listening Mother Nature?  I'm relying on you on both counts!

So that is April, almost done and dusted - just time to show you how it unfolded - 1 second everyday!


Patio Postcards said...

Glad you are better. April was certainly a mix bag of life.

Barbara Eads said...

Love your new sunglasses. I have a similar pair. Luckily since you are back to good health, your chance to wear them should be real soon! said...

Sounds like a pretty good month for everyone except maybe Coco who had to share attention with Daisy. Our new kitty could be Daisy's cousin. He wants to be all over me every time I sit down. It's okay unless I am trying to do something. But I can't read, type, scrapbook or sleep with him all over me.

Your hair and sunglasses are very cute. Your hair is a little shorter, I think. For summer, maybe? I need a haircut this week.

Sorry you had to miss your dental appointment...haha...I know how you dread them. Me, too. I need to go next month and am delinquent in having an eye exam. Hate spending the money and the time for both.

Hope Mother Nature cooperates for your gardening plans. It was 90F/32C here today. Summer already.

Ruth said...

You had lots going on last month - glad to know that you've recovered from the lurgy!