Monday 27 May 2024

Me on Bank Holiday Monday

 Another Bank Holiday Monday!  Although when you aren't working, every Monday is a non-working Monday.

I nearly had an unpleasant experience this morning while taking Coco out for her walk.  You know how horrible it is if you open the front door and take a step outside without realising that there is a cobweb right in front of the porch way?  That horrible feeling of cobweb on skin that you can't get rid of?  Well, now imagine that but with caterpillars on a thread. Our route took us around the country park at the back of where we live and as we approached the lake I could see something moving around in front of my face.  I stopped abruptly and saw that it was groups of threads reaching from the branches of a tree, all the way down to the ground and it was covered in caterpillars!  

Not a brilliant photo but it was windy and I had visions of the other columns of caterpillars blowing into me from all directions! Apparently it is a moth that is covering some of the trees in the park in caterpillars and munching their way through the foliage.  Lucky I saw it or I would have been imagining caterpillars in my hair for the rest of the day.

I'm making the most of a quiet day at home today as we have extra childcare duties this week as it is the school half term.  I've stocked up on a few craft supplies to try and keep them occupied and hopefully that will keep their interest.

This is pre-holiday week so hair cuts have been had, packing lists are being made, manicure appointments booked and no more meals out arranged.  I may have/ definitely didn't eat particularly healthily last week as we ate out a few times which inevitably ends up with eating more rich food and well ... just more food in general than I would have if we were at home!  So good intentions for ultra healthy home cooked meals are in place this week to undo that damage.

Have a good week!


Barbara Eads said...

Those webs with creatures give me the "willies!" I've walked in to one before with a spider. It was a little spider, but it was on me!

Patio Postcards said...

I feel that ech feeling of cobwebs of any type. There is an invasion of Boxwood Moth caterpillars ravaging boxwoods in Ontario so there are lots of webs with creepy crawly at the moment! I try to eat healthy at home, but oh that on sale mini birthday cake was too tempting (lol). Have fun with the Grandkids creating fun & memories. :)

Ruth said...

Coming back to this post as I realised that I forgot to leave a comment! I've also experienced those webs when out in the woods with the pooch and I fully sympathise with how horrible it is!