Friday 31 May 2024

#WBOYC in May


In theory this month should be easily summed up as there are only the three letters in May!


Meals out with friends three times.  

Missed the Northern Lights that were experienced where we live while we were away for the weekend 🙄


A weekend away in Whitstable with Coco.

A week off from Zumba as it was the school's half term holiday at the end of the month, however there was more childcare that week as both my son and daughter work full time, so I feel as though I did just as much exercise, just in a different way and without the music! 


Yearning for some settled weather - we have had whole weeks where we have one good dry day followed by one wet one and I am more than ready for continuous warm dry weather! It really hampers making plans that involve anything open air.  

It feels as if I haven’t had much of interest to report this month, it seems like there were a lot of routine days apart from our four days away. Here’s the proof, my month of May - 1 Second Everyday

Linking up with the other Deb over at Deb's World in Australia, her month was much warmer and busier than mine!


Patio Postcards said...

You certainly did have a full & busy May. How lucky are your children to have you close for child care duties.

We have also had lots of wet days in May, which I tried to use as the days for tackling the indoors silent to do's list, which seems endless these days.

Joanne Tracey said...

Aaaah Whitstable - that would have been lovely. Thanks for linking up.

Deb's World said...

Thanks for joining us for #wboyc Deb, I always en joy reading about your month. My daughter in Somerset has said the same thing about the unsettled weather, whereas this time last year when we were over there it was so hot!!
Greetings from my Deb's World to yours :)

Denyse Whelan. said...

Isnt it interesting how we just want the weather we want/need it to be!! You've been busy and I remember well caring for grandkids while parents worked. It reaps its rewards though as those teen and adult aged grandkids tell me what they remember of being at our place and that is so good.

Denyse said...

So much of Texas and neighboring states have endured days and days of rain lately. But not old El Paso!! We are so dry. There is a chance of rain (10%) for the next five days this week. Hoping we get at least one nice shower.

Enjoyed the photos from your getaway. Those beach cabanas are so bright and colorful. I remember we had something similar at the beach in New England. I think they were just small changing or bathing houses, though.

Are those paper dolls Rosie is playing with? Oh, what fond memories I have of paper dolls. Nice to see someone playing with them these days. Are you back to Zumba this week? We are finally swimming even though the water is very cool. But our days are hot, so they compliment each other.