Monday 8 July 2024

Me on Monday

 What a week!  A new government and England won a quarter final football game on penalties!

Our son came over to watch the game with Max and Olive as our daughter in law was at Wimbledon on a work event - how lucky was that?  Centre Court as well!  I was supervising a lot of colouring and drawing in the dining room and I could hear Jon talking to Paul and listing every England game they had watched together and it made me smile so much to realise how precious those memories have become for him.  How do some people remember dates and results from so many years ago?  I guess those memories are very strong!

When I left here last week I was going to a trial pilates class.  It was 'ok' but not something I will be signing up to.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I do my Zumba Gold, which is run by the same instructor.  I liked the first half which was standing up and using weights to strengthen your upper body but once we moved to the mat work I got cramp in my toes and couldn't relax to do the exercises properly!  I am prone to cramp so I think this could be an issue if I decided to sign up for classes.  Oh well, at least I tried!

The other big event of the week was Coco celebrating her thirteenth birthday

We have entered the teenage years! 

 I am supposed to be meeting up with a crowd of old school friends on Wednesday but guess when the England Semi-Final game is?  Yes.  We have a clash!  I'm wondering if the guys are going to want to postpone!  We shall see.  I don't mind missing the game but I know there are some that might.

I have another 'knit and natter' lunch time at the end of the week so I need to gather my wool and crochet hooks ready for that.  I am still working on the same blanket that I was last time, I'm determined to take this project slower than I normally do so they aren't going to see much progress!

I’m going into town this morning to find a present for Max as he’ll be 5 at the end of the month. At the moment he is very keen on Minecraft but I’m tempted not to go down that route as their interests can change so quickly at that age and by the end of the month he could be into something totally different!  Wish me luck!


Patio Postcards said...

Wishing Coco a very happy (belated) birthday - 13 years old - Coco you look marvelous!

I wonder if you could find a restaurant or pub that has a large screen so you could have the school friend lunch & watch the game together?

Ruth said...

Doesn't Coco look well - the teenage years are obviously going to suit her!

I think Mary-Lou's suggestion re a pub with a big screen might be a good idea ... but it might also be a nightmare, as conversation may be difficult. Perhaps the best thing is to reschedule?

Barbara Eads said...

Maybe you could make the meet-up a girls night and leave the guys to watch the game. My friends and I have dinner once a month while the guys play poker. We've been doing that for nearly 40 years now. We all look forward to it.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday to Coco! She is adorable!