Wednesday 15 October 2008

Autumn weekends

I feel a bit guilty. Having told my friend Denise off for not keeping her blog posts up to date, I see that I have not written anything since finishing LSNED.

Last weekend was really lovely and it seemed a shame to spend time indoors so my husband and I went for a walk out in the countryside near where we live. It takes about 10 minutes from leaving our front door to being out in the country and it was so nice to be out in the autumn sunshine. The leaves on the trees are all changing colour and it was beautiful around the lake and going up to the church via the farm. Was a bit sad to see that some of the conker trees seemed to have died though. I have happy memories of conker trees. When the children were younger, we used to collect conkers by the dozen, it was a family competition to see who could find the most!
On Shimelle's website, she has a page where she talks about colours associating with certain things, so here are a couple of pictures of around where I live which show all the colours that I associate with autumn.

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