Sunday 19 October 2008

Breaking the rules

I normally refuse to buy anything relating to Christmas before November starts and have already found myself almost buying advent calendars over the last couple of weeks before I mentally shook myself and said 'NO - it's too early'. But this weekend I saw this young man:

I don't know why, but he just appealed with me so much that I had to buy him. And then having broken the 'Not before November' rule, I bought a festive tin of Toblerone Tinies too.

There are two dangers here. I now need to put Robbie the Reindeer somewhere safe so that he doesn't get lost or damaged before we decorate the house for Christmas. This relies heavily on me remembering where that safe place is when mid-December comes. The second danger is that bearing in mind what has happened to my Trick or Treat sweets 2 weeks before the event, I need to restrain myself from opening that tin of Tinies ..........

1 comment:

Denise said...

I love him - had some of that medicine last night, yum just what the doctor ordered xxxx thank you