Wednesday 1 October 2008

24th and 25th September

Oh dear, going away for the weekend has meant that I have fallen a bit behind with this! But here is my page for 24th. Inspired by the thought that you can tell Christmas is coming when the catalogues start arriving on your door step.

The next page was prompted by having to work on the evening of the 25th as it was Open Evening at school for prospective students. I may only work 3 days a week, but I do various jobs while I am there, and this week I have taken on new work helping the admissions officer. When we arrived for Open Eve, we were given labels to wear so prospective parents would know what role we held at the school, and my boss had printed one saying 'Wonderwoman' following a rather hectic day in the office preparing for the evening ahead. I did have to relinquish it for a 'proper' one, but for a few minutes, I felt really appreciated!

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