Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Bank Holiday

As I type this entry, it is absolutely pouring down with rain. Typical half term holiday weather! What a difference to the long weekend though, 3 days of sunshine - that's how long weekends ought to be!

We had quite a busy weekend, starting at 4am on Saturday when we had to take our daughter to Gatwick to catch an early flight to the US. As it was a glorious morning, and still very early even after stopping for breakfast, we decided to make the most of being south of the river and drove to the South Downs to have a walk around a National Trust area known as Devil's Dyke. The views were lovely. Apparently to walk the whole area it is 5 miles of 'strenuous' walking and the footwear I was wearing (jewel encrusted, fake snakeskin, flat sandals with non-grip soles) was totally unsuitable we just had a stroll around the easily accessible bits!

After that we drove down to Brighton and spent a really lovely few hours there, including of course a walk to the end of the pier -

After that, the scenic route home via Tunbridge Wells for an open air lunch in the Pantiles area. A really lovely day - once again followed by the immortal words 'We really ought to do things like this more often'


Denise said...

Lucky girl going off to the U.S - hope she finds some good scrapping shops :-)) I know what you mean about those immortal words- but it seems that life, jobs and Spurs always get in the way ! xx

Unknown said...

You've been busy! I look at lots of blogs for inspiration, and Cathy Zielske's is one of them, I love her books, though I wouldn't clear my stash if I scrapped simply all the time :)
Love the LOs btw!