Wednesday 16 September 2009


Just to prove that I really did go to the crop on Sunday, here are the pages I did. It was well timed as I had just got back from holiday so had more than a few new photos to choose from!
The first one was taken with a self timer on the balcony of our hotel room in Italy. Goodness knows what the people in the rooms either side and above thought we were doing as the minute I know the self timer is on I get a fit of the giggles and then it's 'move your hand' 'what are you doing with your elbow' 'bend down a bit' 'oh my goodness, part of you is missing' before we finally get a shot where neither of us are blinking or standing in an odd position or have part of our head missing.
The second one was taken while wandering around the little cobbled streets of Stresa.
Probably have an expensive day ahead here, a rare day out with my son. Shopping for 'back to uni' stuff which is of course going to end up costing far more than the old back to school days where you could get away with just a new pencil case and a box of coloured felt pens!

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