Monday 21 September 2009

Spa Day

On Saturday, Rachel and I went here , The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden. We had such a lovely day. The time just fly by, doing nothing all day was just what the doctor ordered. Actually, we felt so good at the end of it, maybe it should be available on the NHS!

We started off with an aromatherapy massage that felt soooooooooooo nice. Then a cup of tea in the koi lounge before we headed off to the pool area. Rachel was brave enough to try the swing that goes across the pool but as the idea was to have a de-stressing day, I didn't think it was worth me having to be rescued by life guards in an effort to either get on or off it! Then onto the jacuzzi - bliss! A lovely lunch followed by chatting, magazine reading etc etc then off to the sleep retreat. Half an hour of laying in a warm, gently vibrating bed, listening to calming words and music. Rachel insists she didn't fall asleep but I did have to wake her up when our time was up! Then we visited the sauna before having a radiance spa facial. Our day was done, we went home and I have to say I had the BEST and longest nights sleep I have had in years. All in all - an excellent day.

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