Wednesday 31 October 2012

My month in numbers - October

Overheard in Sainsburys car park from a man pushing a toddler in a buggy on phone to his wife: 'It's Halloween tonight and I can't believe they've sold out of pumpkins.  They had 100s yesterday, whatever's happened?'  {it's half term - most people have kept their children quiet for the last 3 days by buying their pumpkin in advance and carving it in readiness for tonight!}

Having just seen Julie's blog post come up in my reader, I realise it's time to reflect on the month!

2 - amount of crops I attended.  that's double my normal amount!
9 - number of days the car pound held onto my daughter's car before they owned up to the police that they had it
A gazillion - number of tears cried by my daughter when she believed her beloved mini to be stolen
31 - dog walks
3 - number of new items of clothing I bought
2 - number of new items of clothing my husband knows about ;-)
3 - new books downloaded onto my kindle
4 - number of times I've met up with friends for tea/coffee/wine this half term (and it's still only Wednesday morning!)
1 - doughnut, 1 slice of chocolate cake and 3 rock cakes eaten during my half term healthy eating week (and it's still only Wednesday morning)
1 - number of times we woke up to snow

But enough of my month, hurry over to Julie's and see what everyone else has been up to!


scrappyjacky said...

Glad to hear your healthy eating is going so well.....meeting friends has a lot to answer for!!!!

helena said...

wow snow - sounds like a good half term (and its only Wednesday)

Abi said...

He he! This post made me laugh Deb! I am so like you on the meeting up with friends. It's just so nice to have a coffee and a chat isn't it! I also laughed at your clothes purchasing! xx

Kirsty.A said...

Snow!!?? I know you're in the UK. Where are you that has had snow already??
Glad to see so much cake and socialising going on - that's what Half tErm should be like

humel said...

lol at the overheard - and rofl at the items of clothing!! An unforeseen snag of the online shopping is that I can't carry the packages anywhere so I've had to ask The Doctor to pop some of them into a big box for me till I can sort them out - he must be expecting a *lot* of Christmas presents..... Doomed to disappointment, poor lad! ;)

Sian said...


Any half term with doughnuts in it has to be a good one :)

alexa said...

Oh help - snow already? Yikes! That's usually our privilege up here :). Your comment about the clothes really made me smile!

Julie Kirk said...

Yes, what a mystery ... no pumpkins left on Halloween .. who'd have thought?!

I envy your double dose of cropping - for a variety of reasons mine's not on now until January! So I think you've got my ration!

Apparently we've had snow too ... but I was in bed and missed it. Which is probably the best way!

Thanks for joining in - you're on the board:

Happy November.

Julie :-)

Lorraine said...

Sounds like a great half term, even though it is only wednesday!

Amy said...

Snow seems a bit harsh, but then again, we are going from 34C one day to 17C the next at the moemnt ... I'm confused! And worried about how I will cope with soaring summer temps this year!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great list of numbers.

Missus Wookie said...

Yeah for getting your car back, now I've decided to learn to drive for the first time I've thought about a car - and a mini was one of the first I thought of. They are so cute :)

Unknown said...

I sit here as spring is well and truely entrenched looking at your photo in the snow. Gosh I am glad I live where I do because it does not snow here

Miriam said...

What a brilliant MiN's Love the clothes bit! and snow!!!!!