Friday 30 November 2012

My month in numbers

When I see Julie's blog show up in my blog list at the end of the month I suddenly realise that it's time for me to do my own number count.  So a quick look on my phone tells me this:
MINUS TWO.  Yes, MINUS 2.  The temperature outside at this actual moment in time.  7.10pm in case you were wondering.  Minus two.  I don't like it when we get into minus figures.  
OK so let's start with the beginning of the month.
2 - the number of times I have been on an aeroplane this month.  Good old Easyjet.  Cheaper to fly up to Edinburgh than it would have cost us to buy the petrol we would have needed to drive up there.  And let's not forget the 50 minutes to get up there, compared to the 7 hours that it would have taken by car.
3 - number of days spent up in Scotland visiting our son

Onto medical matters:
1 - eye test ( have I ever shared the story of the time I accidentally tried to exit the opticians via a cupboard after mistaking the exit door?  Glasses?  Who said I needed glasses?)  anyhow, the eye test led to ... 
1 - pair of new glasses.

We've done ok for meals this month
2 - Saturday nights having dinner cooked for us by friends and
2 - meals out in restaurants

Exercise?  Of course I've had a month of exercise:
30 - number of dog walks (at least) one of which led to ...
1 - number of times I had to single handedly bath the dog.  Anyone who has tried to bath an overexcited puppy dog on their own will know that this ends up with both dog and human being equally wet. One shaking themselves to spray as much bath water as far as possible and the other screaming 'Stop that now and let me put this towel over you'.  And then one of them running up and down the stairs afterwards like a thing possessed trying to escape the hair dryer.  That's the dog, not me. 

4 - number of Strictly Come Dancing episodes.  Our friends know that any invitations to go out at this time of year have the proviso that we cannot possibly leave our house before 8pm on a Saturday night.  So book that table for 8.30pm or we will have to be fashionably late.

10 - number of people I've invited for Boxing Day lunch.  Which means that I will be cooking for 14 again.  Am I mad or what?

3 - numbers of pairs of shoes I have had to buy this month.  That's right.  HAD to buy.  Coco managed to destroy my best work shoes by chewing the heel off one of them.  Whilst shopping for replacements I noticed how tatty my old faithful ballet flats had become.  And then I saw some lovely new ones.  Whoops!  And walking the dog required me to buy a proper pair of walking shoes.  Waterproof, good grip and comfy.  None of the qualities I normally look for.  Well apart from the comfy bit, I mean, who knowingly buys a pair of uncomfortable shoes?  We all know that if they don't fit well in the shop, they certainly aren't going to fit well after wearing them to work for 8 hours.  This knowledge is obviously something that comes with age, my daughter definitely doesn't have comfy on her radar when shoe shopping!  
And finally ...
6 - numbers of bottles of wine I had to buy today.  Oh come on, Sainsburys have offers on loads of their wine and if you buy 6 you get a further 25% off as well.
£8.88 - the amount of money I saved by buying my six bottles. It's almost buy 4 get 2 free! 
Handy that, because all this blogging by numbers is thirsty work ;-)


Amy said...

We always have a big boxing day as well as Christmas day - it usually ends up being better in a way - very relaxed and informal with swimming and eating and drinking and laying about.

Anonymous said...

What a busy month. I can recall what it's like trying to shower a dog single-handedly - especially when they decide to shake.

Sian said...

Thanks for the smile about the opticians - I've been running backwards and forwards there trying out new lenses myself so this one really struck a chord :)

Julie Kirk said...

Your numbers made me smile Deb!

Just this morning [after having a shower in a cold bathroom] I was thinking how nice it would be to shower in one of those fancy dog grooming parlours where they have the warm air booths to dry you off! Your pup doesn't know when it's on to a good thing having you dry it!

You're the 2nd MinN blogger to mention glasses ... maybe that's November's theme.

Thanks so much for joining in again - such a treat!

Happy December!

Julie :-)

Unknown said...

Well it looks like a busy month for you. Great post