Monday 31 March 2014

My Month in Numbers

Time to join in with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers. How can we possibly have got through to the end of March already? 

It's been an eventful month. There's been blood, sweat and tears.  Oh yes.  Don't let anyone tell you it's uneventful over here in Deb's World.
This month I discovered a sad, neglected Wii fit machine lurking amongst the cobwebs beneath the tv.  In a moment of madness I ran upstairs, changed into joggers and switched it on.  I then spent a further 15 minutes trying to hunt down new batteries as it's been so long since I last used it, the batteries had run out.  However, despite it telling me that in the 1120 days since I last used it {oh the shame} I have got less agile and more heavier, after doing the fitness test it gave me a Wii fit age of ... drum roll ... fanfare of trumpets ... bring on the dancing girls ... 34.  Which was a bit of a shock because I had a birthday this month and I'm pretty sure that it was my 56th.  Clearly that birth certificate is wrong - happy days!
I'm not the only one with a March birthday, my son was 24 on the 5th and my great nephew was 2. So add us all together and we make 82. Unless we believe the Wii and it's 60.
Talking of sons, ours came home twice this month. One visit was only for 4 hours as he was en route somewhere else but every minute counts!
I've been in the wars this month. I needed up with 10 large blisters following a cryotherapy appointment at the doctors. Let's just say the nurse got a bit 'trigger happy' with the canister of liquid nitrogen.  Don't ask! Then I had a pretty impressive fall while walking the dog which resulted in two grazed hands, one bruised finger and a cut and bruised knee. Also one confused dog who couldn't understand why we returned home so quickly after setting off. Before she had even had the opportunity to do what a dog needs to do.
I made three cushion covers and sent off one patchwork quilt block. 
We had a fire drill at work and managed to get 1123 students and over 70 staff safely out of the building and into the school field in about 10 mins.  Fortunately this was the day before my fall otherwise I would have had to ask matron to give me a lift in the emergency wheelchair. 
So how was your March?  Why not join in and see what numbers you can come up with too?


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Gotta' love a Wii fit that strokes your ego! I always love reading your month in numbers, Deb. So entertaining! :o)

Sian said...

I'm wincing at the blisters and laughing along about the wii fit - you can make anything sound like it can be fun! I hope April is a good one for you

Julie Kirk said...

I feel your pain Deb - probably quite literally - I'm always knocking myself about. Somehow the word 'clumbot' [to describe an accident prone person] got into the vocabulary in our house ... and while I've no idea who coined it - it seems to fit me at least! I hope you've been taking it easy since.

btw: when you said you'd been in the wars then went on to describe setting up the Wii fit ... I was anticipating some TV screen smashing / flying off the balance board incident. It was like watching Casualty and wondering what was going to 'get' the poor unsuspecting character!

I've added you to the board now Deb:

Happy April to you and yours!

Julie x

Hazel A.. said...

Thanks for sharing this MinN! Your descriptions gave me a perfect morning lift; everyday life can be lots of fun, no?!

HannahBanana said...

Definitely an eventful month for you this month! I live your collect photos; I downloaded the app after seeing yours last month but didn't take enough photos. I've got a wii fit hiding under the sofa too - I might dig it out and see how old I am too!

Thanks for the inspiration.

HannahBanana said...
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Anonymous said...

What a busy month and two visits to reflect on and smile about. Hope your injuries are better now x

Sandie said...

And breathe! Hope you are recovering from your blisters and fall. It's been an eventful month!

Linda said...

owww!Hope your blisters are healing!
LOve your wii story, yes we've got one of those too! We discovered it in the cobwebs under the tv when we got a new one this weekend. It was my birthday too this month, but I am 1 year younger than you!

Susanne said...

Wow, it certainly was an eventful month. Bummer on the fall and the other incident. Hope you're back up to full speed a week later. And thanks for letting me know how wise the Wii is, I must go dust the cobwebs off of ours!

alexa said...

Oh, you poor thing :(. Mars, the god of March, was also the god of wars, in which you have certainly been! Hoping you are recovering nicely and the nurse has twinges of salutary guilt. Welcome to the younger you!

Lou said...

oh no! I hope you have fully recovered from your fall now. Can I borrow your Wii....i could do with a youth boost lol x