Monday 28 December 2015

Me on the last Monday of 2015

Christmas 2015.  Lots of food, drink, visitors, cooking, cleaning and entertaining.  It's lovely while it's here, but who else feels a bit like this when it's over?
She's always a good girl when we have people over, but she's a creature of habit and routine and she's always happier when things are back to normal.  It's a tough job keeping an eye on everyone and being ever hopeful that someone will give in to those puppy dog eyes and give her a little bit of Christmas dinner. She makes it look easy but being cute for her visitors is hard work for her and the moment the guests have gone, she will wait for her favourite armchair to become vacant and sneak up onto it when no one is looking.  It's a family joke that she's exhausted from the pressure of entertaining, which is a reference to this episode of Friends: 
So all the shopping and cleaning and cooking and wrapping and entertaining is over and it's back to normal, and while I love having all the family over, and we really did have a lovely Christmas, there is a part of me that feels a bit Coco-ish when the holiday period is over! 
Back in the old routine obviously also means joining in with Sian for the last Me on Monday of the year.  And here I am, typing up this post!

I'm hoping that everyone had a good Christmas and that Santa was kind to you.  I need to convince myself that it is not my personal responsibility to finish off all the leftover chocolate, but I'm having trouble resisting.  It's weigh in at Slimming World on Wednesday, that will be a shock to the system I bet :-0
It's been fab joining in with the merry band of Mondayers this year and I'm wondering if Sian may have something new in store for us in 2016.  In the meantime, from all of us to all of you, we wish you a happy and healthy new year. 
{apologies that one of us is not looking at the camera, apparently there may have been a pigeon in the garden that needed keeping an eye on} 


Cheri said...

I love the build up to Christmas, I love having my kids home... but I'm with you in that I am SO READY now to get back to routine. Unfortunately for me, that doesn't happen until around January 18 when everyone will finally be back to school, work, and respective residences. I'm back at work on the 4th, but the kids are still here for a bit!

helena said...

Waving back and lovely to see you as you create the post. Have a great week with plenty to relaxation

Sandie said...

The build up to Christmas makes me exhausted before it even arrives. I always swear I will be more organised, get everything done early so I can relax. This year I never even got round to decorating the house because I was so busy - but hey ho! we visited rather than have visitors so it wasn't a worry. Even so, I'm joining you with the big sigh and relief that I can relax and put all the preparations, card making and writing, and gift buying and wrapping behind me. Glad you all had a lovely time and that Co-Co has her favourite chair back. I know how good that feels, especially with a glass of wine and a good film to watch!

alexa said...

Nice to see you all together, distracted or not :). What a handsome bunch ... Feet up and relaxing sounds just the ticket, and your first photo really raised a smile!

Unknown said...

That's a lovely picture Deb, Merry belated Christmas to you and yours. What a lovely post to finish 'Me on a Monday 2015' :)

Sian said...

What a lovely picture. I wish I could persuade our lot to pose for something like that! I'm here to wish you all a belated but very heartfelt Merry Christmas. Your Mondays have been a lot of fun to read all through the year: here's to 2016!