Wednesday 28 September 2016

Memorandum Monday

I have been joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday since she first thought of the idea and I love trying to think of things that I've learnt for the first time or tried for the first time over the weekend.  So how has it suddenly become Wednesday and I haven't posted anything this week?  When did life get so busy that I couldn't find a few minutes to sit at a computer and type a few observations?

Around about 29 August 2016. That's the exact date.

Now I'm not one to blame someone who is too small and too inarticulate to defend himself but that young man who arrived on that date has somehow not only managed to take over his mum and dad's days, but a whole lot of other peoples too.  Some aren't complaining at all; the smallest, furriest member of the family loves the fact that Leo is looking for someone to accompany him on an afternoon walk in the Autumn sunshine.  Every day. 

I could come up with all manner of new things that he's done every weekend, but this isn't his blog and I can't steal his ideas.

Last week I mentioned how chaotic my week started and how restorative a walk in the countryside can be.  This week I could tell you that at the weekend - for the first time ever - I was hit on the head whilst walking by a falling conker and we reminisced how this too was a sign of the times.  When the children were younger conkers didn't have time to mature enough to fall from a tree naturally, all manner of shaking branches and throwing of sticks would have meant that we would return home with a bag full of shiny brown conkers, ready to have a hole punched through them, a sturdy piece of string attached and conker matches be held.  Of course, nowadays, health and safety dictates that this is a dangerous sport, no taking your best, hardest, champion conker to school to prepare for battle in the playground at break time and that simple pleasure is now consigned to the memory.

The arrival of my favourite magazine this morning provided the subject for this week's post - I love The Simple Things magazine, and a cup of coffee and a seat in the sunshine in the conservatory are the perfect accompaniments to an hour or so of reading of the simple pleasures in life and the perfect antidote to a hectic week. 

So that's my lesson for the week, sometimes we need to take time out and enjoy the simple things that we take for granted.  Time to recharge those batteries, rest and regroup to get energy for the next adventure that life throws at us.


Patio Postcards said...

Such a lovely moment for me in pausing to read your update. Life does get hectic in the blink of an eye & sometimes it is hard to remember all those wise & wonderful words about taking a moment to breathe. Glad you found some quiet time - the cover of the magazines looks quite inviting.

Ruth said...

My mag arrived today as well (following on from yesterday's arrival of Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine from Canada ... a good week for magazine reading) ... looking forward to browsing through it.

Sandra said...

It's a lesson we could all learn. Just stop and take the time to enjoy the moment.

It's funny, I'm a complete magazine junkie and yet this is probably the only magazine I don't buy lol

alexa said...

That's a great lesson for us all, I think, and good to be reminded of simple pleasures. I stopped subscribing to Simple Things but have a little look occasionally. If you'd like a whole load of back issues sending to you, just let me know!

Sian said...

Amen to that! You are absolutely right.

I love Simple Things too and buy it most months. The photos are so lovely.

Julie Kirk said...

That's just what I try to do on my morning walks - just take in what's there. And it's just through regular, tarmac/pavement-heavy streets, suburban housing estates - no gliding through fields and quaint byways for me. But I try to find its treasures just the same ... and they're there when you look.

BTW: a balloon almost hit me on the head yesterday ... do you think we're being singled out for something?

Have a lovely weekend re-charging Deb. x