Monday 30 April 2018

Me on Monday

Today I spent my morning at the local rugby club.  

Has she taken up a new hobby?  I hear you ask.  

Let's look at the evidence - do I like being outside in all weathers? No. Do I enjoy getting muddy? No. Do I ever run around a field for 80 mins? No.  So no, I am not a newbie member of the actual rugby club.

My voyage into the club was to take my grandson to a music and movement class that is held in their hall - 'Tiny Tempo'.  R needed to go somewhere this morning and the weather was absolutely foul so as I had no plans I offered to take him to his class while she ran her errands in the wind and rain; so much quicker if you don't have to take a toddler out with you.

I was, of course, the oldest adult there but children's nursery rhymes have stayed the same over the years and I don't think I embarrassed Leo too much - as he has very limited vocabulary still, we'll never know!  We sang, we danced, we went on a bear hunt and we played instruments.  I had forgotten how noisy it can be when 15 toddlers have an assortment of drums (Leo's favourite), tambourines and maracas and all play them at the same time.  We were both exhausted by the end of the session and one of us is having a lovely afternoon nap to recover.  Spoiler alert - it isn't me.


Has anyone out there seen The Crown on Netflix?  I've just discovered it and am hooked.  I have honestly learnt so much about our history from it - I hope they've followed the facts rather than fiction or I'm being quite misled!  I'm having to ration myself to one episode a day because I could easily binge watch it and I think I'm near the end of the series as it is now 1958 (year I was born) and I don't know how much further it goes.  I'm certainly seeing our Queen and Phillip in a new light.

Only 14 more working days for me - I may have to find a new boxset to get involved in ready for all this extra time I will have!


Ruth said...

I think I used to like those toddler music classes more than The Boy Child did! I'm always hearing good things about The Crown but have never seen it (probably because we don't have Netflix ...)
I could do with a nap myself just about now ...

Maggie said...

I am sure Leo was delighted to have you there. Sounds great fun.

Catherine said...

I used to take one of my grandchildren to a similar session in Birmingham. He loved the rhythms and noise. I thought everyone must have seen the Crown. One of my favourite series. The acting is good and my husband (who is a bit older than me 😂) said that the accuracy with the detail was amazing. I went to see the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Club at the cinema last night. If you like historical dramas you will definitely enjoy the film.

Patio Postcards said...

That sounds like one of those bonding Grandma experiences for Leo (col). Within the family we Aunties are forbidden to give anything that can bang, clang or smash, so books it is.

I am in need of a nap but my "better sleep" workshop lady says napping mid day will only make my sleepless nights worse ...

I have seen Season 1 of The Crown. I heard that in Season 3 they change the actress playing Queen Elizabeth but not Matt Smith playing Phillip. said...

What a good time you had. Much better than playing rugby, in my opinion. I always enjoyed teaching my students nursery rhymes. In my community, many of them are forgotten.

We watched one season of The Crown, really enjoyed it. And then had to wait for the new season which I haven't started yet. I have so much trouble remembering what happens in these series from one season to the next. By the time they come out with the new season of Game of Thrones, I will need to watch the whole show again first.