Wednesday 2 January 2019

Sentence a Day in December

How to sum up December with just one line a day?  Read on ...

Well when you start the month looking like this

things can only get better eh?

Day 1 - Dressed up to take part in a murder mystery dinner party - don't think I'll be booking myself in for a perm any time soon!

Day 2 - A day of recovering from the night before - having your 91 year old mother in law over for lunch is not the best way to get over a late night and a few glasses of wine.

Day 3 - My least favourite way of spending a day - appointment at the dentist and while that doesn't take all day, the most part of the morning was spent worrying about the visit - my favourite part of the day?  That conversation that started 'everything seems to be fine and healthy, nothing to do today, see you in six months for your next check up' - phew 😌

Day 4 - My one free-ish day of the week (am spending much time going back and forth to help out with my daughter and her new baby and trying to keep big brother occupied!) 

Day 5 - Baby/daughter/grandson sitting is exhausting work - big brother is very enthusiastic with his loving of his sister (not to mention a tiny bit heavy handed)

Day 6 - Zumba!  Really enjoyed the class today, I think I needed to work off some energy in a fun way before getting back into my 'mum' role of looking after everyone else.

Day 7 - New restaurant opened in town and we were lucky enough to be offered an invitation to go and try a selection of their starters for free - plus unlimited wine, the perfect end to the week!

Day 8 - Catching up on things around the house, cooking dinner in advance for tomorrow and an Indian take away in the evening watching the semi finals of Strictly Come Dancing.

Day 9 - Early birthday celebrations for Paul with family over for dinner - exactly a year ago we tried to do the same for his 60th but we had a snow blizzard, trains weren't running and roads were gridlocked so only the family who could walk round to our house were able to come, thankfully the weather was much milder this year.

Day 10 - Party morning at pre school for me and Leo, we both came home covered in glue and glitter, a good time was had by all

Day 11 - Managed to escape for a bit of Christmas shopping this morning, I'm trying hard not to do it all on the internet with the intention of supporting local shops, but time is running out!

Day 12 - Paul's birthday! Lunch out at the new Thai restaurant in town.

Day 13 - Bought myself a new silly Christmas top to wear for the Zumba Christmas party next week.

Day 14 - Wiggle Wiggled with Leo practising our Christmas moves and songs.

Day 15 - An afternoon of friends popping in for tea and mince pies followed by an evening out with 4 other couples for our annual Christmas get together.

Day 16 - A day to ourselves, time to relax, wrap presents and prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

Day 17 A trip to see Santa, it was a tight squeeze to sit in between two car seats with a large snowman toy on my lap

Day 18 The 21st anniversary of losing my mum, no matter how many years go by it's still a hard day of memories.  But we did have a nice lunch out with friends at the new Thai restaurant.

Day 19 A day of cooking dishes to freeze in advance of Christmas - the freezer is now officially full and I just have to remember that when I go food shopping, there is no more room!

Day 20 Christmas Zumba!  My new festive t shirt had it's first outing

Day 21 Another energetic day, this time in the company of a dozen excited toddlers - Wiggle Wiggle Christmas Party - Leo had an amazing time (and Nanny loved seeing him so full of fun and excitement)

Day 22 Son and Daughter in Law popped in to exchange Christmas gifts, they are hosting Christmas Day for her siblings and partners (she's one of 6 children so that is quite a crowd!) so we won't be seeing them until Boxing Day.

Day 23 Spent the evening at friends - my friend Mandy has her birthday on Christmas Day so she always celebrates a couple of days in advance.

Day 24 Collected turkey and generally got myself into a pre-Christmas tizz trying to be super organised.

Day 25   The calm before the storm ...

Day 26 Boxing Day - we had everyone here for a day of eating up leftovers, long dog walks, eating too much chocolate and playing games - 91 years between the oldest and the youngest in this photo.

Day 27 Took mother in law home, tidied house then met friends for a drink in the pub in the evening

Day 28 A quiet day, putting furniture back where it should be, restocking the fridge, vowing to eat more healthily from now on and planning a relaxing night in.

Day 29 I may be becoming slightly obsessed with the jigsaw puzzle I had for Christmas, haven't done one for years and had forgotten how much time you can spend on it.

Day 30 Sunday - almost feels like a normal weekend, except it's the last Sunday of 2018!

Day 31 New Years Eve - Indian takeaway with friends, watching the fireworks at midnight on the tv, lots of fizz to drink and didn't get to bed until gone 1.30 am 😴

So that's it for 2018 - a truly eventful year - now let's turn the page and see what 2019 has in store for us!  


Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You had a calm before the storm on Dec 25 same as us! But your "storm" is more challenging I think with the big age gaps that you have! I only have to deal with youngsters in their 20s - although our first grandchild is due early this year!

alexa said...

What a wonderful recording of your month! I might be temped to do this - one sentence and one photo each day - next year. I love the photo of you with the snowman and grandson ... That sounds quite a stretch in ages, and you have my admiration for being able to work out who you need to be for each of them at any given moment! Sending warmest good wishes for the year ahead.

Natalie said...

Happy New Year, Deb! Looks like you had a fun December with lots of family time. You're welcome to join our Wellness link up on January 9.

Jo Tracey said...

Aren't jigsaws the biggest time wasters? My mother alsways has one going on the coffee table & whenever I'm there I find myself sitting in front of it & tuning out to everything else. It looks like you had a fun family December. Wishing you all the best for 2019. said...

You are a wonderful mom and grandmother. I can tell you are very energetic, but even so, our little ones can be exhausting. My two grands and daughters will be here this weekend so it will be turmoil and crazy and fun around here. Taking my vitamins in preparation.

I love your outfit in the quiet before the storm photo. Clicked on it so I could see it up close. That photo would be a fabulous Christmas or New Year's card.

Had to giggle, at your expense, at the thought of getting into a tizz before the festivities on Christmas. I do, too. Not so much if it is just my daughters here but we never entertain and on the rare occasion that we do, I get so wound up!

Happy new year! Loved reading about how you closed out the year.

Patio Postcards said...

Another great wrap up of the month & in this case of the year. You have done well to keep up with everything when it was such a busy month. I did chuckle at your "perm" - having a wig to play with a different look is such fun. My favourite photo is of you in between the car seats ...

Tamara said...

Hi Deb, loved reading about your fun month, and admit to more than a little grandma envy in that my two pumpkins live on the opposite coast from where I am currently, meaning about 3,000 miles away. 😕

How fun to enjoy a night of free dining. I have never been so lucky as to be invited to a new restaurant pre-opening!

Here's hoping your 2019 is full of wonderful moments and things!

Ruth said...

I've so enjoyed reading these monthly posts of yours - are you continuing with them into 2019?