Monday 11 March 2019

Me on Monday

The week which starts with me being 'only' 60 and ends with me being 61.  That sounds much older than what I actually feel!

So where does this Monday find me?

Procrastinating.  Putting off so many things and looking at blogs instead.  I should really be vacuuming the bedroom - but the vacuum needs charging.  I should really be doing some ironing - but the pile in the basket seems to be multiplying every time I look at it.  I should really be blitzing the bathrooms - but I got as far as cleaning the toilets and it's too much of an effort to go downstairs and bring up the steamer to clean the floors.  I should really be ... no, enough, I'm making no excuses for putting 'catching up on blog posts' at the top of my to do list this morning!


It's going to be a funny kind of week.  I have mentioned before that my grandson has an allergy to egg.  The last blood test he had came back negative, and the skin prick test did show a reaction, but less than before.  So on Thursday he will be going into hospital for the morning to have the allergy 'challenged'.  I believe that they start by rubbing egg on his hand, waiting for a reaction, if no reaction then rub some on the outside of his lip, then the inside of his lip etc.  So he could be home in half an hour if he has a reaction to the first challenge, or he could be there for hours.  Meanwhile, back at home, Nanny will be spending her birthday babysitting his sister for the first time. 

I'm also waiting for results of a further blood test I had done on Thursday; a more accurate one specifically to measure glucose levels as the diabetic nurse wasn't convinced that the general one I had done was giving a true reading.  Meanwhile I'm still being careful with my sugar intake and have lost 3lb in weight.  Makes me wonder if my biscuit consumption was higher than I thought!  

Enough of the medical stuff!

I finally finished my quilt, and am twiddling my thumbs trying to decide what to make next.  I fancy doing some more knitting, I wonder if I can convince my daughter that Rosie may need a little cardigan for the spring?    

Right, I've just had a call asking me to pop into my old place of work to talk my replacement through the procedures for Awards Evening, looks like that housework may have to wait even longer 😉


Cheri said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Patio Postcards said...

I have my fingers crossed that your blood works comes back just fine & also that little Leo's egg testing is all good. I'm going to vote that house work, especially vacuuming can wait - have fun helping out at your previous job. Sending many happy pre-birthday wishes.

Ruth said...

Firstly, I wish you a very happy birthday for later this week!
I hope that all family members requiring medical tests have satisfactory outcomes.
Cleaning the bathrooms and ironing can always wait ...

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I always say that housekeeping is overrated....ha ha!! It's way more fun to connect with others even just over blogs and such.

Barbara Eads said...

I can procrastinate with the best of them. In fact I'm doing it right now---checking blogs rather than the "work" I should be doing!