Monday 4 March 2019

Me on Monday

And just like that, we are in March!  

Which started in an exciting way, when I picked up my new car

This will be my third Mini, I sometimes wonder if I should look at other cars when the time comes to hand my car back at the end of the contract but, once a Mini driver - always a Mini Driver!

This is my happy face, sitting in the driver's seat on the day I brought her home

I've changed the model this time and gone for a 5 door which will be much more convenient when on grandchildren duties - usually I have to use Paul's car when I have to take Leo somewhere.  

So what does this week hold?  

I'm heading back to my old place of work later this morning to talk my replacement through all the admin that needs to be done for the school's annual Awards Evening.  It used to be the main part of my job and the bit I enjoyed the most - imagine 80 or so silver cups and glass trophies to be awarded and 120 books to be handed out.  A lot of careful coordination to make sure the right person got the right thing!  It will be strange to be back in the office, but nice to know I only have to stay a couple of hours 😀

My son's 29th birthday is on Tuesday, how can my youngest possibly be almost 30?  It's also Shrove Tuesday so it will definitely be pancakes for tea that night!  I like mine with lemon and a tiny bit of caster sugar, how do you take yours?

Talking of sweet sugary treats, Wednesday is my meeting with the nurse about my new eating regime.  I've already cut out all snacks and only have half a spoon of sugar in my coffee now and have lost 2lbs in weight.  I wonder what other changes I have to make?  Watch this space ... Thankfully I can get a couple of pancakes in on Tuesday without feeling too guilty!

Pop back tomorrow when I'll be joining in the Sentence a Day link up with a blow by blow account of February.


Patio Postcards said...

...and what have you named this new mini? I didn't know you could get 4, let alone 5 doors on a mini, I must look that model up. I am looking for some new ideas for pancakes on Tuesday so thanks for the suggestion of lemon. How fun to go back & help on something so positive at your old job. Being that you are pre-diabetic, it's a "thankyou no jabs" & I'm sure there are lots of small changes to make a big impact. Good luck.

Ruth said...

Well done on already cutting back on the sugar ... I'm planning on cutting out crisps, chocolate and biscuits during the 6 weeks of Lent. I didn't eat them at all when I wore those braces for 14 months ... apparently it takes 6 weeks to begin/break a habit.

I'm also interested to know if your new car has a name? Ours does and our cars are always female!

Catherine said...

It’s smashing having a new car, isn’t it? You can’t beat that smell. I was taught to drive by my ex husband in a Mini but Ihave not driven one since. Good luck with cutting down the carbs. You’ve made. Great start.

Catherine said...

Should have read “you have made a great start” sloppy typing on my part.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

And the question is do you name your cars?? I always do because they are part of my world for so long!!

Barbara Eads said...

Can't wait to see a picture of your new car. I'm not sure what a mini is.

alexa said...

Delighted you are happily ensconsed in your new mini and wishing you lots of happy adventuring together. Yep, lemon and a little sugar would be my preference - I can't quite get my head round peanut butter and marshmallow or salted caramel!