Sunday 19 July 2020

Is it just me ...

... that has forgotten things while confined to home?

Things like 

The registration number of my car.  

For the first couple of months of lockdown all car parking was free in town.  Partly because no one was allowed out for non essential journeys and I guess the parking enforcement team were furloughed.  But on 29th June, the car parks started charging again.  So on my first foray into town after that date, I parked my car, went over to the pay machine to do my 'check in, check out', saw the display which said 'enter your registration number' - and my mind went blank!  What was it?  EY something or was that my last car?  EU something?  No that is Paul's car.  In the end I had to walk back to where I'd parked and take a photo of my reg plate so I didn't forget it again!  I felt every one of my 63 years 😉

The PIN number for my credit card. 

I'd been doing my food shopping for 'click and collect' online for so long, and any other purchases had been within the limit for doing contactless payment just holding the card over the machine, that when I went and did a proper food shop in an actual shop spending more than £45 I had to stop and think for a long time.  What were those four little numbers?  

How much to tip my hairdresser.  That's still to be resolved and I have until Thursday to remember.  I may have to do a poll between my friends who have already had an appointment to find out what they did!  Some salons are asking for a contribution to help cover the extra costs they have incurred due to having to adhere to all the new distancing rules and PPE for staff.

Going back to cars, during lockdown we had changed from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time.  The clock in my car does not automatically update and I had to resort to getting the manual out to remind myself how to get into the right settings.

We met up with some friends who we met at ante-natal classes with our eldest children (34 years ago!) on Saturday.  They have moved to a tiny village in Suffolk and it is ages since we saw them so not only was it lovely to catch up with them but it was a beautiful scenic route in the countryside too.  Tiny gradual steps towards getting back into the swing of going out and about again - going at our own pace and only doing what feels comfortable for us.

Talking of comfort - this Friday sees us having to wear face coverings in all shops - I wonder how that will go?  I have tried to get into the habit of doing this already because I honestly don't think the virus is suddenly going to be more prolific in shops at the end of the week, surely the risk is the same today as it is on Friday?  So if anyone has any tips on how to stop your glasses misting up, I'd love to hear from them because that seems to be the main issue to me at the moment!


♥ Liz ♥ said...

I have the same problem with my glasses. A friend at work made me a fabric mask which has a little pocket on the inside. She said putting a tissue in there stops the misting. I have yet to try it but i'm ever hopeful.
I did laugh about the car reg too. When I first got my car two years ago it took me ages to remember what the reg was and I walked past it quite a few times in Tesco car-park!!

Ruth said...

I'm another who has had to really think about what my PIN number might be ...

I read that if you pull your mask further up to your eyes and then put your glasses over the top, that stops the misting ... might be worth a try.

Susanne said...

I have forever been mixing up my and my hubby's car plate numbers. I never use debit cards, so I don't have to remember pin numbers except for the ATM card at the bank. And although I have only been once in the last 4 months, that one is easy to remember. It must be the positive reinforcement of the machine giving me cash for getting it right!

All of our stores are finally getting serious about the masks - the groceries are the only ones who did the right thing by mandating it early on. It took a mayor's mandate for the rest. Still there are plenty of immature (in attitude, not necessarily age) folks who cannot get with the program. As they say, you can't fix stupid!

Patio Postcards said...

I think face coverings/masks are going to be the new norm for quite a time. Already I'm seeing several designer styled masks & I am sure in the future when you buy a new blouse/shirt or dress, a face mask will be part of it in matching fabric. I agree with Ruth's suggestion of wearing your mask a little higher up the nose.

I think many of us are forgetting things like PINS, car plate numbers. Mostly I forget what day it is, so I'm thinking of looking for underwear with the days of the week printed on them!

Tamara said...

Putting gas in the car for the first time in months, I couldn't remember where the lever was to release the gas tank cover. Oh boy, I felt so stupid.

I did the mask up high under my sunglasses yesterday at the beach and it seemed to help. You know the one I struggle with? Having a hot flash while wearing a mask! 😆 said...

I have a few very snug masks and they don't steam up or mist my glasses as badly. Not sure if that is a coincidence or what.

Had a good laugh - I am sorry - at your expense over trying to remember things. Thank you for reminding me that I have to register my car!! I received the notification and promptly filed it away. Need to find that paper before August!

We are still wearing masks everywhere we go. Starting to look at masks as another accessory. Hope you are able to find the masks you need.

alexa said...

I'm with you on forgetting things. I think we're even worse - hubby and I forgot our wedding anniversary! It was only an email from a kind relative the day after that reminded us. Hoping those suggestions help with the mask wearing. Hubby wears his glasses on top and that helps. We've been wearing one since early April (and even been berated by a customer in a queue for doing so!) though not seen many in our local supermarket - it will be interesting to see how it is this week now it's compulsory. I'm consoled that we're not the only ones who are affected my covid-19-memory-loss syndrome :).

Barbara Eads said...

At least you've had an excuse that it's been awhile since you used those numbers. Recently I was on the phone when the person on the other end asked me for my member number---which I use ALL the time. 4 little numbers and yet I drew a complete blank. I know she thought I was nuts, but looked it up for me. I said, "oh yeah! That's it!"