Monday 13 July 2020

'Normal' makes a gradual return

Someone is taking advantage of being allowed back in Nanny and Grandad's house.  It feels like Leo has been round here everyday since restrictions lifted a little - actually, apart from Thursday, he HAS been here at some point every day!  He's so happy and it is an absolute delight to know that in his mind, things aren't so bad any more.  Back at school two mornings a week, playgrounds reopened and allowed back here while his Mum goes back to work part time - he's very happy with that new 'normal'.

So life has been a little more tiring this week, but in a nice way.  It makes us realise how much Rosie has grown up - 3 months is a long time in toddler development!  We've also finally started looking after Max one day a week - his mum only went back to work after maternity leave at the beginning of March and we never actually got round to looking after him back then!  So this is new for him and new for us.  I think he and Coco will be good friends as he is at the 'throw my dinner off the plate' stage of baby led weaning and she has already realised that beneath the high chair is prime position for extra food!

We had such a lazy Sunday that I have to confess to an hour long nap after lunch - I was so tired.  We had friends over for drinks on Saturday evening and they didn't go home until close to midnight and I don't think I'm used to late nights any more!  We had a lovely long dog walk after breakfast, taking a different route to our usual ones

It was so quiet until we turned a corner and suddenly there was a tree which was obviously home to dozens of starlings - I have honestly never heard so much bird song at the same time.  To start with it was such a novelty to hear and then I started to remember that Alfred Hitchcock film 'The Birds' and decided it was time to move on and continue our walk!  

It looks like the weather is going to improve again this week, so hopefully I'll be able to get out and about and tick off a few more of the prompts on the Summertime Scavenger Hunt.  I have a few ideas in mind - watch this space ...

May I leave you with a question?  This is Coco's current favourite spot for spending the day -

 View of her while climbing up the stairs

View of her while trying to negotiate coming down the stairs

Is she a) on lookout duty protecting the family from a prime vantage point or b) trying to injure us by tripping us up and sending us headfirst down the stairs?


Patio Postcards said...

How wonderful that your have a new normal that includes grandchildren about the house again.

I do not think Cocoa wants to harm you & I say that with great hopes it is true because one of my fur girls (cats) has taken to the same spot at the top of our stairs! I read that our domestic pets change their sleeping spots because in the wilds they do not want to leave to much scent in the same spot for other predators. So maybe Coco is guarding you until you pick another spot to sleep ...

Susanne said...

The answer to your question is c: She's thinking about living life on a higher plane. How could anybody fault her for that.

Happy Monday! I'm a little envious of all your normal; things in our community are headed back the other way after we had just a little taste of being out in the world again. Stay well.

Ruth said...

I think that I must agree with Susanne's option c answer - that Coco is thinking about living life on a higher plane ... even if it might be wise for her to do that elsewhere! :)

So lovely to hear that you are seeing so much of your grandchildren again . said...

The Coco that I have come to adore is definitely protecting you all!! Or waiting for you to reappear from somewhere. One of our kitties does the same thing, staking claim to the landing at the top of the stairs where she sleeps almost all night. We think she has a good vantage point from there to the front door, our closed bedroom door and anyone walking into the kitchen where she might be fed a little something extra.

So glad Leo has settled back into a routine in his sweet life. Lucia is upside down again since 2 teachers at the daycare came down with the virus and the facility has closed. She is so lonely and desperate to play. I was over this morning and she begs me not to leave. Breaks my heart.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Lucky you. It must be lovely to have Leo around so often.
Coco looks too chilled to be on the look out for bad guys but I wouldn't think she would want to trip you up either.

Cheri said...

I'm betting on something much more benign - like perhaps there is a nice cross breeze there and it feels cooler or it's just a good vantage point for keeping tabs on the comings and goings of her humans.

alexa said...

How lovely to be able to see your grandchildren so regularly - that must be a great joy :) - and their parents must be appreciating it too. There's such a push-pull as regards 'normal', especially when the infection rates seem unstable. You do right to enjoy as much as you can!