Wednesday 1 July 2020

A sentence a day in June

Flaming June, that's what they call it - and we start the month with a gradual relaxation of lockdown rules and end it in anticipation of a few more things opening up. OK, let's get going.

Day 1 Did some painting - because if we are going to be allowed to have friends in our gardens now (at a safe distance) I don't want anyone judging me on the neglected state of the garden shed!

Day 2 Due to a scooter related incident on their daily walk Rachel needed help getting the children home (one toddler on a trike, one injured who apparently 'couldn't walk' and a scooter that needed carrying back) so I met up with them at the same time that the ice cream van pulled up - a 'knobbly bobbly' lolly cleared up all the tears and restored the ability to walk home.

Day 3 Popped over to see Jon and family - first time we have been there since February - Paul and I took Max out for a walk to give his mum and dad their first childfree time since lockdown - what a lovely hour we had wandering around the town and local park.

Day 4 Had a Zoom meeting with some friends, the only way we could all raise a glass to celebrate Sheila's birthday.

Day 5 Did a Pilates routine on Zoom this morning it was nice to try something different; I also decided enough is enough with the overeating - time to get those Slimming World booklets out again and get back on the straight and narrow (literally!)

Day 6 The weather has changed and I even put the heating back on for an hour this evening #goodoldbritishsummer

Day 7 Leo begged to come over on his own this morning, the weather wasn't good but he was happy to just sit in a chair in the garden eating cake, drinking apple juice and playing on my iPad 

Day 8 The Slimming World books have been dusted off, the food diary has been printed out and I am determined to get back on track with healthier eating 

Day 9 Popped over to Saffron Walden to see our son and went with him and baby Max to their local market which has finally been able to take place again

Yes this is a picture of our son buying Pastel de Natas from the bakery stall and I promise you that I declined one even though they are my favourites and they are delicious and they were freshly baked and looked amazing.  

Day 10 Who turned the thermostat down?  What a grey and miserable day

Day 11 Zumba!  Plus I went into town and actually set foot in a supermarket for the first time in three months - it was so nice to actually pick the food off the shelves for myself rather than order it online and pick it up from the Click and Collect point.

Day 12 I did a Pilates class on Zoom, which makes me realise that I'm not as flexible as I should be!

Day 13 We had friends round for drinks in the garden and it was lovely!  Sun was shining, the wine was chilled and it was so good to actually see them face to face rather than on a zoom call.

Day 14 Leo came round for an hour and a half this morning - he so loves being back in our garden, especially if he can come on his own without his little sister!

Day 15 Invited some friends over for afternoon tea in the garden - it feels like our social life is now totally dependent on the weather - if it isn't nice enough to be outside we can't see anyone!

Day 16 Went over to Saffron Walden to borrow Max for a couple of hours - actually went inside a shop which wasn't a food shop - our first non food shopping was 3 books. #shouldhaveflowntoPortugaltoday 

Day 17 Jon came over to our house to work in the garden while we took Max round to Rachel's for a visit, it's been three months since the little cousins were all together.

Day 18 Almost forgot to do my Zumba class as I'd forgotten which day of the week it was 🤣

Day 19 Gardening day, Paul repainted the pergola, the solar lights look pretty in the evening (my photo doesn't do them justice!)

Day 20 Tried a new cake recipe - raspberry and almond, it was a winner!

Day 21 Father's Day, and as a special treat we had a takeaway Thai tapas meal from The Giggling Squid

Day 22 Went into town on a whim and saw there was no queue at all to get into Waitrose so did some impromptu food shopping - I much prefer choosing my own food myself rather than click and collect.

Day 23 Have a horrendously bloodshot eye - went to pharmacist who said he couldn't give me anything and I need to see an optician.  Will not scare you by sharing a photo!  Met up with an old friend and her daughter and children in Saffron Walden, picked up Max on the way as she hadn't ever met him.

Day 24 Jon and Max popped over so we got the cousins together again for a bit of duck feeding at the lake #bestfedducksintown

Day 25 Reassuring visit to opticians confirmed my poor old eye is 'just' a burst blood vessel and nothing more sinister - phew - went round to friends in the evening for drinks and a paella in their garden - so lovely to socialise in person again!

Day 26 Visited a friend I used to work with and another ex-workmate joined us too, it's been a very sociable week

Day 27 Rachel came over and cut my hair - we kept as socially distant as possible, both wearing masks and in the fresh air, not your normal hair salon experience but well worth it!

Day 28 A lazy Sunday, started to watch series one of Cardinal on BT Player

Day 29 Went into town to do a supermarket shop, bought some flowers too, which makes me realise how long it is since we had fresh flowers in the house and how much I like seeing them.

Day 30 Went into town in the morning to see if the EE shop was open as the battery on my phone is becoming dreadful and I think I need to update it; didn't come home with a new phone though as the one that I decided on wasn't in stock - typical!

So - that was June, starting with a gradual return to normal and ending in a very similar position.  It was the month where we should have spent a week in Portugal with R and her family which is a bit sad but everyone is in the same boat and to be honest I'm not sure I'm ready to brave an airport or plane just yet, things need to settle quite a bit more for me to feel comfortable about leaving the country!  More to the point, not ending up in lockdown in a different country if they have a sudden spike in new cases!

Anyway, let's flip through the days and see what happened 1 Second Everyday

I'm always earlier than everyone else posting their month so once it is the official date (first Tuesday of new month?) I'll add the linky here. 


Patio Postcards said...

Another good month. I like your little videos at the end.

How delightful that Max asks to come to visit alone, without a sister in tow. I wonder if some of that is left over feelings of the trike / scooter incident. I am also a believer that ice cream can fix many ills inflicted upon one's self.

Ruth said...

Another good month for you, burst blood vessel notwithstanding. It's so lovely to be able to see the smaller members of the family now, isn't it. :)

Portugal will be even more special when you do eventually get there - I don't fancy the idea of stepping onto a plane just now, either.

Barbara Eads said...

There is so much to comment on here. I'm impressed that you've had the discipline to continue your exercise classes via zoom. I'm still walking outside every day, but now that it's hot, it's hard to stay motivated. But mostly, I want to have tea in your garden!

Natasha said...

June is also the month I decided to take control of my quarantine eating. And isn't it lovely to spend a little more time with family!!! Dave's parents have been taking the kids two days a week for the past few weeks and it's been so good for everybody! said...

Somehow I didn't get 'round to your SaD post. I am so sorry!! Your smile is never more beautiful than when the babies are about. How precious is Leo just wanting to visit, spend time with you on the patio and eat cake. So glad you are finally able to see more of those little dolls.

Got tickled at your painting the shed before company in a dress. So nice that your friends and neighbors are able to visit while social distancing in your garden.

I need to get back to eating better, too. Every Monday I say I am going to get back on track and by Tuesday's Covid report, I am in the pantry snacking.

I forgot to add my 1 sec video so going back to do that, now.

Deb's World said...

So good to read your update Deb and seeing things are slowly improving for you over there. I heard from my daughter the weather had been very hot then wet, so it's good to get the socialising in when you can. Hope July is good to you. Deb from the other Deb's World :)