Monday 28 September 2020

Hello Autumn

Carrying on from my last post, I have to admit that I only lasted another 24 hours before putting the heating on for a couple of hours in the evening and a couple of hours first thing in the morning!

It was so windy on our Sunday morning dog walk that I resorted to wearing a fleece lined knitted head band, quilted jacket and gloves!

But at least it meant I wasn't complaining all the way round that I was 'freezing'!

To those who asked, this is Paul's sketch of the autumnal berries and nuts

Although he isn't happy with it!  I am someone who has trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler so I would be thrilled to be able to do something like that.  I wonder what this week's theme will be?

Work has started in the garden today, and we now have a raised bed for plants and the frame work for the new decking/patio area.  I shall reveal photos at the end of the week!

I've been busy sorting out the final photos for the Summer Photo Hunt today, and working on my 'ta dah' list for the month because somehow or the other, September has almost come to an end.  How did that happen?  


Barbara Eads said...

OMGosh! Paul's painting is beautiful! He must be his own worst critic! I love it! said...

So happy to see Paul's work. I agree that it is lovely. A combination of interesting shapes and textures and lots of color. Thank you for sharing.

Glad you turned on the heat. I forgot to add that we have a gas fireplace that we often use on those in-between evenings and chilly mornings. It makes a big difference in our salon or den. Our bedroom is on the second floor so tends to stay warmer in the winter but warmer in the summer, too.

Glad you mentioned the scavenger hunt. I need to finish my post. Had forgotten we would link up on Wednesday. Yikes.

alexa said...

Glad you're staying warmer inside and out - I do like your fleecy headband, which looks great for covering up the ears (mine get so cold, but I don't always want a hat). Paul's work is super and I especially like his teasel and chestnuts - I hope all the compliments he is going to get on here will shift his dismissive opinion of it!

Patio Postcards said...

WOW Pauls sketch of his Autumn finds is fantastic - he has real talent. Your phrase about unable to draw a straight line with a ruler is one I use all the time. This morning the temperatures are more seasonal (chilly) but still Mr Man is holding out to Thanksgiving, so today for me, it's socks & a jacket over my t-shirt & shorts (it's Canada after all, we'll be back to humid by noon before the evening's chill).

Ruth said...

Paul's sketch is beautiful! I'm someone else wo struggles to draw a straight line.
I haven't quite resorted to a hat when out with Tilly just yet, but I'm definitely wearing a scarf and a coat.